Monday, October 1, 2012


I had my followup with my OB this past Friday...and right when I went to give a urine sample so they could do a pregnancy test, I started spotting. AF picked up later that evening.

At the appt, I found out that DH's semen is good. Morpholoy was borderline low/average 6-8%, but OB said that wasn't anything to worry about. His counts were great, volume was fine and motility was Grade A, meaning he has fast swimmers and they swim in a straight line (this part made DH very happy)! So DH isn't the problem.

I told Dr. T that I O'ed on CD18, to which he said was kind of late according to the plan he had given me (sex cd12-16). I told him we just kept on having sex until I O'ed, but by then, I was tired. He said next month still take the Femara on CD5-9, but wait until the OPK is + until we start having sex for 5 days. Which worries me. I always ovulate the day after a + wouldn't it be sort of late to wait for that? I'm thinking of trying SMEP and then doing it 3 days straight once I get the +. Thoughts?

I also asked about my bloodwork results from July that I had forgotten to ask about at the last appt. He said my TSH levels were a little high at 3.4 and was pretty sure I have Hashimoto's thryoiditis. Normal levels for when TTC are between 1-2. I had bloodwork redrawn and have to call in this morning for results and hopefully meds. I've started doing some research and got worried when I read that 3.4 might be the reason we've been having trouble TTC. Either way, I'm glad my OB is on top of and realizes that it is a concern!

CD4 today and need to get Femara filled so I can start it again tomorrow. 


  1. If you O the same day that you get a +OPK I see why you'd want to still BD leading up to that. I can't you use Wondfo OPK's and CBE digitals? Maybe you could BD when you start seeing the Wondfo getting darker (since that probably would happen before you get a smiley on the least it usually does with me).

    The Femara didn't move up my O date more than a day or two either, and my RE said that's normal, despite what we hear from so many other women out there. Good luck finding some answers on your TSH. Looking forward to hearing an update on that. I am so confused by all the thyroid stuff!

  2. So glad to hear dh's sperm results were well as seeing you're already 5dpo. I agree with you on the when to start bd'ing. I agree with going 3 days straight after your positive. It can't hurt to go once also when you start feeling twinges. Our RE always said every other was best when being cautious to "keep the supply healthy and not deplete it too much." I'm wishing you all the luck this month...I will be rooting for you and checking in to see how you're doing. Tons of love to you!