Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beta #1

...was yesterday at 15dpo. The receptionist wasn't going to tell me because the doctor hadn't seen them yet, but she went and got the nurse and a few minutes, the nurse got on to tell me the number.


I'm totally happy with that based on average. Now the next two days are going to be torture waiting to see if the number doubles!

I'm still so excited, anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, that I'm still shaking!


  1. So happy for you!! It's a wonderful # and I have a great feeling about Thursday's #!! Hope the next couple days go by fast!! Lots of love! Xoxox

  2. That is an awesome #! Congrats! Did they also check progesterone? You might also want to have them recheck your TSH/T4. Mine skyrocketed after my BFP.

    1. No he said no need to check progesterone since I'm on suppositories. Good call on the TSH...that should definitely be rechecked. I'm still a bit nervous about the #. I know I should compare to other people's but I can't help it...

  3. That's amazing, congratulations! I am so so happy for you!!