Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vancouver & Seawheeze 2015

So I'm almost a month late in posting about my trip to Vancouver last month...but here it is!

Over the last year, I have lost 31 lbs. I started last August because I was tired of carrying around the extra baby weight. Then, in September, lululemon opened registration for their 4th half marathon to take place in August 2015 in Vancouver. It gets harder to get in every year because they cap registration to around 10,000. So, the day the registration opened, I was at home with my mom because I had taken a day off work. I decided to try and register just to see if I could get in. Well, to my surprise, no issues. I got registered with no problem. 11 months to train and lose the weight - no problem.

I got injured in June of this year - hip issues - went to physical therapy and that helped immensely!

So...on to the pictures.

Our view at dinner on Kit's Beach (the Boathouse - my favorite restaurant we ate at)

Ahi Tuna Mini Tacos - yum!

Yam fries!

Creme Brulee

Pool at Kit's Beach

We got in line for the Exclusive SeaWheeze store at 4am (store opened at 7am).
We were about 400th in line. By 6am there were around 4,000 people

My view from floor in the store while I was sorting thru my pile of clothes

My pile of clothes to sort through

View of store from registers

My loot!

Chip chip for my shoe

View of Coal Harbor from our table at the Cactus Club Cafe

Mom's flatbread pizza from CCC

My spaghetti and meatballs dish from CCC - carb loading!

My dessert at CCC. Forgot to post a pic before I began eating...oops.

Bathroom at CCC

Flusher on the floor :)

Couches in the bathroom at CCC

Inside the convention center the morning of the race

Waiting inside before the race. It was rainy and cold that morning :(

Still waiting...

Walking towards the start line. Thank goodness the rain stopped by this point.

Leiane and I waiting in line. I met her in line for the store - she is on the same lululemon facebook fan page...we had so much fun and I'm so glad I had a buddy!

Waiting in line...

My crops and shoes :)

Doing the wave!

A drone...

Finally started!

Burrard street bridge - my favorite part of the race because you could watch the runners going the other way!

And the view from up here was amazing...the pictures don't do it justice. It was also quite hazy this morning but the weather was perfect. 55 degrees with very minimal drizzle. Absolutely perfect for a race!

At the bottom of the other side of the bridge is the Lulu headquarters <3

Going back down the Burrard Street bridge...about the halfway point.


Stunning seawall that NEVER ends...

Lulu employees out there - one has a unicorn head on (the left one)

Stacked rocks...saw lots of these on the seawall

In the distance on the beach, you can see a bride and groom getting!

Ahh, the lulu mermaids...the end is near!

Final time was 3:12...my slowest half, but also the most fun <3
The medal was a carrot...a very heavy carrot! At the finish line, we also got Saje essential oils and a Seawheeze branded Lululemon hat! Kind bar and bag, and silver blanket. It was pretty cold once I stopped running.

I have signed up for another half marathon in Detroit on October 18 - it goes over the Ambassador Bridge into Canada, then comes back into the US via the Windsor Tunnel!

I'm also planning on one in Nashville, TN next April <3