Thursday, July 31, 2014


After over a, OK, almost 2 years...of taking care of everyone but myself, I've finally started to take care of myself. Eating better, taking walks with Brady in the stroller (morning and night most days)...and it feels good. I've lost 2 lbs. so far in the last week...and hoping to lose 26 more to get back to 130.

I was 127 before getting pregnant.
Got up to 163 by the end of the pregnancy.
Lost weight pretty quickly in the first couple weeks and got down to 134.
But have managed to get up to 158 over the last 12 months.
The most I have EVER weighed.

We plan on trying again in the next year or I'd like to lose the extra weight before then so I don't have EVEN more to lose later on.

I've been walking about 2 miles in the morning and 1-2 miles in the evenings...and completely changed my diet, so it should be easy. I'm using my City Mini stroller right now but looking into getting a jogging stroller! So excited to feel like my life is getting back on track.

Oh, and on the topic of walking...Brady has started taking steps on his own this week. Just a couple days ago it was 2-3 he's up to 7! Won't be long and he will be running!!