Thursday, February 20, 2014


The last 8 months have gone by SO fast...and I have learned so much about myself, my relationship with my husband, my baby and about life during that time.

For one, my love knows no bounds. I never realized I could love a person as much as I do Brady. It's indescribable! I love seeing him smile at me when I walk into a room. I love hearing him laugh. And I love watching him learn and examine everything around him. He is the greatest gift!

My relationship with my mom is as strong as its ever been. We've always been close, but we are even more so now. She babysits Brady four days a week while I'm at work and also visits at least one day on the weekends, so we are in constant contact pretty much every day. I have a greater respect for her as a mother and everything she has done for myself and my brother over the years.

I've become obsessed with cleanliness and organization! That's not to say that I was a slob before. I've always enjoyed organizing things...but that need to feel like everything is in order has increased ten fold. I'm constantly thinking about what chores need to be done on a daily basis...and how I can organize areas so that they are as functional as possible.

Although I get irritated with my husband about a few more things now than before we had a child (which is bound to happen), he is most often very helpful and understanding. It annoys me sometimes that he seems to have no clue where I keep extra diapers, diaper pail bags; or how to wash bottles effectively. It drives me nuts sometimes that he counts on me to pack Brady's bags when we go out. BUT, he does alternate nights on baby duty so we both get some sleep. He spends quality time with Brady, and he is a great father. He's just not as interested in the organizational aspect as much as I am.

I appreciate my job a lot more than I did before. Well, I am always grateful for it, because we have been through rough times when we've been out of work. But getting away from mommy-hood during the day really helps my life feel balanced. I look forward to coming home to see Brady's smiling face every day!

Most of all, I feel like this is the most important job I have ever had...or will ever have! And I'm so glad that I am lucky enough to be Brady's mom!