Friday, January 10, 2014


2014. Seriously, where to start?

I have fallen off the wagon as far as blogging goes...and most of the time, I am ok with that. But then I realize that I really want/need to document a lot of these early years in Brady's life. The ironic part is that I am so busy living and enjoying it, I don't have time to write about it.

2013 was the most amazing year in my life thus far. God has blessed us with Brady and I seriously cannot imagine life without him!

I sometimes just stare at him in amazement. That we made him. That he is all ours.
I love watching him grow and learn. And teaching him things. He is so amazing! The love of my life. Truly!

At my step-dad's bed & breakfast at Christmas-time

Trying to crawl (1-9-13)

Looking at his grandma (1-10-14)
MilestonesRolling Over - started in November 2013. Has it mastered and rolls all over the room.

Sleeping Through the Night - Nope. Ocassionally has stretches of 6-7 hours straight without waking, but generally wakes every 3-4 most nights.

Teething - started in November/December 2013. 12/23/13 Grandma Y. discovered his bottom left had poked through the gums. The bottom right poked through a few days later.

Sitting Up - mostly unassisted January 2014. But will still tip from time to time.

Fine Motor Skills - Picking up toys. Passing them back and forth between hands. He's very smooth and steady now. Most of the time won't drop toys unless he loses interest.

Laughing - loves to laugh...especially when you change his clothes or give him a bath. Also enjoy funny faces and looking at himself in the mirror.

Babbling - loves waking up at 4am to babble. Just recently (last week or so) started babbling da da over and over again!

Discovered Feet - Sometime in December 2013 he found out this his feet are a fun toy. Doesn't chew on toes though...not sure if he can reach?

6 Month Stats
Weight: 19 lbs, 2 oz. (77 percentile)
Height: 25.25" (17 percentile)
Head Size: Can't recall measurement, but 99 percentile)