Monday, September 22, 2014


Down 8 lbs in about 8 weeks. But now I've caught a nasty my weight is fluctuating the last couple days (water weight, I'm guessing). Either way, I'm itching to get back to walking/jogging again!

Friday, September 12, 2014

SeaWheeze 2015

So I made a quick decision to try to register for the Lululemon half marathon (SeaWheeze) next August in Vancouver. Registration opened on Wednesday at 1pm EST. Mom and I had just gone to lunch and arrived home, so I thought I'd just see if I could even get in to register. I got into the waiting room and asked mom if she'd be willing to go with me if I could register...of course she said yes. After 5 minutes of contact refreshing, I got it and registered. Only 10,016 people were allowed to register. Always 10,000...the 16 is for the number of years lulu has been around. It sold out within 15 minutes! I'm so freaking excited!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I've been VERY bad about blogging lately. I think about stuff I want to write, but just never find the time to do it.

Brady is 14.5 months now and WALKING everywhere...sometimes running! He's so energetic! Loves to play with all his toys, especially loves his ride on ones. Enjoys going on walks (strolls). He's a great sleeper 8pm-6 or 7am...puts himself to sleep in his crib. A happy baby...loves his grandmas and grandpas! He's such an awesome little man. <3

My weight loss is going well. In the 6 weeks since I started, I've lost 7 lbs. Down to 152 from 159. My goal is 130 lbs by end of January...and I'll re-evaluate from there and see if I want to lose 5-10 more. I'm thinking 120-130 is my happy weight. I've gotten down to 113 while working out a ton, but it was very difficult to maintain. I've been walking at least 2 miles a day and throw some jogging in once a week, but my body still isn't very ready for that just yet. I'm registering for my 4th half marathon (the Mini in Indianapolis next May). This will be my 3rd time doing the Mini!