Sunday, October 14, 2012

As Suspected :)

I woke up this morning pretty much knowing it was going to be positive. This cycle is following last cycle to a T. Last night I was in intense pain. It felt like someone was stabbing my left ovary. I figure this is probably which side the dominant follicle(s) is on. So when I woke up this morning, I peed in a cup...dipped the stick...and took this pic before the ink was even all the way across.

Then did a digi even though I knew I'd get a :)

DH and I have been doing SMEP (which is a lot more relaxing than last cycle's every day plan) a couple more days and then the waiting will begin again.

I will more than likely O tomorrow on CD18, same as last cycle. Based on that HEDD is July 8, 2013 (5 days before my brother's wedding). Fingers crossed!


  1. Crossing my fingers!!! Gotta love the smiley!

  2. happy to see that smiley face! you have great intuition!
    glad to hear that you feel relaxed with the approach you are taking this cycle! <3
    i wish you lots of luck this week and always.
    thank you so much for your sweet words on my last are in my prayers, m. <3