Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Peeing on Stuff

I have tests left, and it really makes me feel good to see things darkening up...even though it's only been a day since the first faint positive.

The top is last night's (7pm), the middle is this morning (4am) and the bottom is this afternoon (2pm)

I was giddy after I saw it. I squealed so loud that the dogs were wondering what was going on! 

I have 1 FRER left which I will mostly use tomorrow. And I still want to buy a digital :)

As far as symptoms, I have kind of a constant, overall dull ache across my lower abdomen and a backache. I feel starving all the time (totally had this with my first pregnancy last summer), even after I've recently eaten. My boobs are very sore. And I have occasional waves of nausea. I feel really good about the symptoms so far. Also, with my chemical last November, the test lines on the Wondfo never got darker than the top test in this pic. And my symptoms weren't near as noticeable as they are right now. So, for now, I am hopeful!


  1. So exciting to see those lines get darker, right?! Since I confirmed with the digi, I think I'm going to stop, but I secretly want to POAS every day to make sure the line is getting darker. Maybe I'll take ONE more on the day I would've gotten (fingers crossed) my period just to see the line. I have also been starving and my boobs are super-sore, so I'm glad to hear it's not all in my head!

  2. Oh no. It's totally fun to see the test line get darker than the control line! Do it!! LOL