Thursday, October 25, 2012

Testing Maniac

I had to nudge DH to let me buy the $18 5-pack of CB digitals! I told him it was for the baby :) Then when I got home, I got nervous. I knew I was pregnant, but I was just scared it would say "not pregnant" for some reason. So I started googling pictures with FRERs and digis to see how my line from this morning compared.

I was going to wait until tomorrow morning, but since there's 5 tests, I figured why not. I dipped a Wondfo first since I have a bajillion of those left. The line started appearing about a minute into it. So I decided to dip the digi, then hopped in the shower. I hopped out a couple times around 30 seconds and again after a minute. Then I got back in and started counting seconds! 30 more seconds later, I jumped out...and it said "Pregnant." Yay!

My OB appt tomorrow is at 3pm, so I'm excited to leave work around 2pm...go home, meet my mom, and hopefully get a beta done!


  1. So exciting! Congrats! Good luck at the appt tomorrow!

  2. wahooo!!! :) isn't it wonderful seeing "PREGNANT" should light up and shoot out confetti! and $18 bucks for 5 digitals...that's awesome!! next time i need some tests, i'm sending you some money. ;)
    so so happy for you and wishing you tons of luck at your appointment tomorrow. <3

  3. Holy crap!!! I have been so out of it in my world of craziness I didnt see this!!!! OMG!!! I am so freaking excited for you!!!