Friday, September 28, 2012

15dpo & Waiting

AF is due today and usually shows up in the super early morning hours. Still not here. Temp dropped slightly again, but still above coverline. I tested BFN yesterday so I know I'm not pregnant. Anyone else take Femara and have a longer LP than normal? I wanted AF to show up today since I have my follow-up with my OB at 2pm. I'm hoping he will still prescribe Femara...

I want to move on to next cycle but my LP is being an ass :(


  1. Yup. Normally my LP was 11-13 days. My first LP on Femara was 15 days (after having cramps for several days before). On the 16th day I was at the beach with no tampons in a white/blue bathing suit and my period started full force with no notice. Be prepared! I did lots of chart surfing while I was waiting to get AF that first cycle and most of the Femara charts had very long LPs (some as long as 17 days). The next cycle had a more normal LP though!

    1. Mine is normally 14 I'm expecting it might be Sunday or Monday before she arrives. But my cramping has started back up again (it started on 10dpo-12dpo, then stopped yesterday) and I'm super emotional today, so I'm hoping today or tomorrow.

  2. I've also had 15-16 day LP's while on Clomid and Femara. Hang in there. I bet your doctor will still give you the prescription. I received mine a full 2 weeks before AF in August. He wanted me to have it already filled for cd 2. Hope it starts soon for you so you can move forward!

  3. I hope she gets here soon or has already showed up! I'm so sorry you have to wait around. Thinking of you!!