Thursday, September 6, 2012

CD11 & Smiley Already!

And THIS...already!?

I took a Wondfo OPK at lunch but it was very negative. I was also drinking a large sweet tea this morning so that may have diluted my urine a lot. Decided that I was going to be testing twice a day so I made sure not to miss my tested again tonight around 7:30pm and got the "almost" positive on the Wondfo...hesitated as to whether to try a digi and glad I did. I think this might be the start of my surge. I'm so excited! I might actually ovulate by CD13 or a normal person! Will test again tomorrow just to see if the lines get darker! Yay!!


  1. i am so excited for you! testing twice a day is a great always helps to have that reassurance. i wish you tons of luck and will be hoping and praying along with you. <3<3<3