Sunday, September 23, 2012

10dpo...Indent or Something Else?

I started testing at 8dpo...I know, stupid. BFN of course.

Yesterday's and today's tests (9 and 10dpo) seem to have indents...or maybe it's the start of something. Who knows?! Also, last night, I had some pinching in the center just behind my pubic bone...lasted about 5-10 minutes, followed by a long, painful cramp that lasted about 2 minutes. Then it went away. Now today I've had off and on cramping that feels like AF is on her way, even though she isn't due for 5 days.

Here's this morning's test:


  1. KMFX'd that it IS something!! :)

  2. Definitely looks like the start of something to me!!! Can't wait to see tomorrow's test!!

  3. Oh man, it is so hard to tell! Looking forward to the next few days of tests!

  4. I hate those ghost line/ does look like something and is always so hard to tell!! Will be thinking about you!