Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 More Days...and Wedding Stuff!

Sorry to those that read my blog. I feel like my life is on hold until my laparoscopy. 10 more days...it's getting closer! I'm very prepared...last things to do are finish laundry, dust the house, change the bed sheets (I'll wait until next Thursday night to do that), and set-up the bedroom (also the night before). I've got to make sure I've got everything within an arm's reach...pain meds and snacks in the bedside table; ipad, magazines and books on one corner of the bed; and pads set up on the back of the toilet in the potty. I got my "ultrasoft sleepshirt" from Victoria's Secret in the mail yesterday - it's sooooo soft and comfy! My Lost DVDs are arriving today...and House DVDs sometime later this week!


DH and I....my bro and his fiance all went to David's Bridal on Sunday. The plans (per the bride) was to pick out bridesmaids dresses. But once we got in there they said it makes more sense for the bride to pick her dress first. So, she started trying on dresses and found the ONE! I was so glad to be there for that moment...it gave us time to talk (we sent DH and my bro away for 3 hours!). We made an appt. for Aug. 18th for the guys to be fitted for tuxes (dad and step-mom will be in town so we figured it would be a good time). So while the boys are off doing that, we are going back to David's Bridal to pick out a bridesmaids dress for me. I'm a little worried about going a week after surgery...especially if I'm still bloated and sore, but I'll do my best. My mom plans on going too, so hopefully she can help me get dressed if needed.


Nothing else exciting going on right now...just counting down the days...

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  1. i am glad you have a nice little set up all ready for after surgery. i have been thinking about you lots and am happy that august is here. your time is almost here! :)
    sending lots of love <3