Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1 More Day!

My appointment is tomorrow at 10:30am. I feel like I have been waiting for this for so long. And in a way, I guess I have. This is the OB I wanted (Dr. T) last June when I first got pregnant, but couldn't go to him because I didn't have insurance and they didn't take cash-paying patients. I was forced to go to an unknown OB. I wish I would've taken more time to research who I was seeing. I took the advice of an acquiantance because she already had one child and was currently pregnant at the time. I assumed she would go to someone that I would like as well. WRONG. He was the biggest ass EVER! So cold, uncaring and mean. I will never go back to him or recommend him to anyone.

Anyway, moving on. AF is done - yay! I already had an abd and vag ultrasound a couple weeks ago and no cysts, masses or fluid was found. Bloodwork was done and everything appeared normal (hormonally). So...I'm praying that I can get some answers tomorrow...or set-up a lap to remove some endo. I'm so tired of hurting...and no ovulating...


  1. Good luck at your appointment! I'm so sorry about the disappointing cycle. It never gets easier, does it? Hoping you get some good info and renewed hope from the new doc! XO

  2. Good luck with your appointment! I hope it goes well and get you get some much needed answers. Thinking lots of good thoughts.

  3. sending so many prayers your way for a happy and wonderful appointment tomorrow. i will be thinking about you and hoping all of your questions get answers!! <3
    good luck, m!!