Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finally...a Plan!!!

Finally...I got to go to the OB/GYN I WANTED...and he agreed, the guy I went to last year is a complete asshole :-)

My new guy (well, sorta...I saw him back in 2005) is awesome...very laid back...makes you feel SO relaxed...and he's hilarious! He said no need to repeat the u/s since I just had it done 3 weeks ago and it came back normal. He did bloodwork, pap smear and pelvic exam. Parts of the pelvic were painful...he said that was the endometriosis causing that.

So...we are setting up another laparoscopy. Tentative date is August 10th. Then after I'm recovered from that, he is putting me on Femara to help me ovulate on a regular basis.

Fingers crossed this is all it takes. He seems very confident that once I have the lap done, I won't be in pain all the time, and that the Femara will make it a lot easier to time things and that I should be pregnant in no time!

He also made sure to code things so that insurance doesn't categorize it as "infertility" or "trying to conceive"...instead it's under "irregular and painful cycles" so they should cover a majority of my surgery.

Did I mention I love this guy! So excited for what the future holds!


  1. So happy that you have a plan!! Wishing you lots of luck!

  2. you know you have an awesome dr when they work the words in a way that doesn't screw you over! our re is the same way and i could kiss him for it!
    you know i'm thinking about you and sending tons of love and positive vibes your way. <3
    august will be a wonderful month for you!
    maria <3