Friday, July 6, 2012

6DPO...Boring Part of TWW!

Well, it's 6dpo...still in the first week of the TWW. I hate this time. It's about now that I start getting antsy. It's too early to know anything...but past the excitement of ovulation. Everything is just so blah right now. I keep telling myself that my OB appointment is fast-approaching...and my period should be pretty much over by that time...but then, in the back of my mind I'm thinking "unless I'm pregnant..."

I'm holding on to that last bit of hope that I will be pregnant and won't have to go through a second laparoscopy (at least not now). The timing would be perfect. I'd see my OB when I was 4w5d...just in time to take any necessary (progerstone) precautions and to do my labs to make sure everything is progressing correctly. But I just don't want to get my hopes up.

I'm preparing myself to be ready for the lap. I've had one before so I'm not nervous about it like I was the first time around. When I had the first one, I hadn't really had any other surgeries. I hadn't experienced pain from kidney stones or a miscarriage. Even getting an IV was scary to me. Now, sadly, I'm a pro at all that. IV's don't bother me at all. Neither does the actual surgery...or even the pain afterwards. If anything, I'm relieved to be able to take some time off work to collect myself and prepare for getting pregnant post-lap.

At any rate, I will still be POAS next week in hopes of 2 pink lines.

For your viewing please, my chart...Lord knows I've stared at it enough the last few days!


  1. It's so funny how we IF'ers do things like stare at charts when it's too early to tell anything. But it looks like a good one to me! Hope, love and peacefulness in whatever the outcome is!

  2. you were in my thoughts throughout the day, m. i thought, hmmm...i wonder how she's doing. i didn't want to pester and bring up the lovely tww. but i thought, well, we are only a few days away. i haven't been thinking about it too much, but like you said, once you hit that week past ovulation mark, you start to get antsy. my guess is sometime early next week i will be getting extra emotional. i pray every night that this is your month.
    i hope you and the mr have a wonderful weekend. <3
    (and that the lap isn't needed!)

  3. What I learned from my last 2WW... is that I HATE it. I couldn't wait for it to end, one way or the other. Even getting my period was a relief, although a huge disappointment... at least the waiting was over. I felt deep down that I wasn't pregnant, so I just wanted my period to come if it was going to so I could get on with life in my mind.