Friday, July 13, 2012


Temp went up, which it never does on always drops. I took a Wondfo test and see what looks like the lightest of lines...but now I'm going cross-eyed looking at it. Then I took a FRER, which was stark white.

A link to my chart:

Here are my tests from 9dpo (top) to today 13dpo (bottom), untweaked:

Here are my tests, tweaked...ugh, hate tweaking my own tests:

Am I crazy?! Wouldn't I get a faint on a FRER if these were actual lines...or are these just evil indents?

Also, I don't feel like my period is coming least not yet. My boobs hurt and I'm hungry...that's about it for symptoms.

Please body, don't play tricks on me!!


  1. On the last two, I definitely see lines. I made the photo bigger and zoomed in and can see them on the untweaked photo too!!
    I know it is soo hard when the lines do that!! I'm hoping and praying tomorrow brings you an even darker one!!!!

  2. I definitely see the line in the bottom tweaked pics and see something light in the un-tweaked ones. Ahhh I really hope this is it and that tomorrow you will get a line on the FRER! Crossing my fingers for you!

  3. I definitely see a line! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  4. Some wondfos can detect an HCG less then a FRER so you may not get a line on a FRER for a couple days! Hope this is it for you!!