Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ultrasounds, Bloodwork...PCOS?

So I got into my family doctor yesterday as I was sick of dealing with pelvic pain and no period since April...and I didn't want to wait another 3 weeks for my OB/GYN appointment. So my doctor listened to my concerns and got me in to have an ultrasound within an hour...and gave me a lab slip to have some bloodwork done to check hormone levels.

I left the doctor's office and went home to down a TON of water before heading over to the imaging center. I drank about 40 oz. and wanted to puke...but figured that'd be enough. Once I got there and got called back, she checked and said my bladder was only half full, so I had to go out to the waiting room, drink about 16 oz. more of water and wait 15 minutes. By the time they called me back again, I felt like I was going to burst.

It was a different woman that called me back the second older woman. She seemed cold at first, but we began to talk a bit more once she started the ultrasound. She was asking me about my history and I began to tell her how my periods have always been irregular, how I got pregnant last year and miscarried both times.

Once the abdominal ultrasound was over, she informed that there were two parts to the internal ultrasound. She asked me if I had ever had that before and I told her that I had (several times). She let me pee, thank God, then I had to disrobe from the waist down and sit awkwardly on the table with just a sheet over my legs.

I tried to peek a glance of the images from the abdominal u/s, but I had no idea what to look for. They just looked like snow on a TV screen to me.

Finally, she came back in and told me that she was going to let me insert Mr. Wand myself, which was new for me. All the other doctors and techs just jammed it in themselves (haha). It was a little weird at first, but kind of nice that she didn't have to look at my hoo-ha this way :)

Anyway, within a couple minutes of the interal u/s, she blurts out "have you ever been diagnosed with PCOS?" and then instantly says "I didn't say that...I DIDN'T say that!"

I nodded my head in agreement and then said that I had suspected I had PCOS for quite some time now.

She then goes on to mention that I'm not overweight (what has been thought to be a classic symptom of PCOS) but that she's seen plenty of women that are not and still have PCOS.

A few more minutes of being violated by Mr. Wand, and I was finally done.

She said it usually takes a couple days for results to get back to my doctor and if I don't hear back from her within a week, I should give her a call.

I also went this morning for bloodwork including: CBC, metabolic panel w/lipids, estradiol, FSH, LH and a couple other things I can't recall.

I'm hoping that at least since I'm getting this out of the way now, my appointment in 3 weeks with my OB will be a bit more productive! I also feel so relieved that I did this now...I know that I can get pregnant if I am ovulating...and if I have PCOS, there are meds I can take to counteract it and MAKE me ovulate. I'm excited that I am finally taking control of my issues and doing something about it!


Also, today marks exactly 1 year since I got my very first BFP! It's hard to believe that it's been that long...but I've come a long way, and I'm a MUCH stronger person than I ever realized.

I have so much more faith that God has a plan for me...and I feel like I'm finally on the road to getting my take home baby!

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  1. You've been in my prayers so much, M. I'm so glad they got you in and you were able to get all the bloodwork. Oh, mr wand majiggy...he's my bf. Lol.
    I will be thinking about you and hope that you get answers very soon!
    Keeping the faith.