Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3DPO, Wedding Fun & Stupid Debt

3DPO today.

Unless I change to my settings  to advanced on Fertility Friend, then I'm 4dpo. But, I highly doubt I O'ed the same day as my smiley opk. I generally have a good idea how my body feels when I O, and I pretty much always O the day after my +opk.

So I changed the ovulation detection method to OPK and it marked it for Saturday. Which makes sense since I had strong O pains that evening as DH and I were leaving a wedding reception.

My temps have been 98 degrees for the last 3 days, so I'm positive that I actually O'ed. I am also bloated, gassy, hungry and my boobs have been hurting off and on - but strangely it's only one boob at a time and underneath near my armpit - weird.

So AF is due June 24th. If she stays away, my EDD is March 2, 2013...within 4 days of the month/day George was due: February 26, 2012.

I'm not totally optimistic. Just going to wait it out and see what happens. It's still early...so I'm reminding myself not to read stuff into my symptoms and just go with the flow. If this cycle doesn't pan out, I still have my appointment next month with my OB. I feel like I finally have a plan and things are setting up nicely. Health insurance is in place...I have my favorite OB...and financially DH and I are in a much better place than we were last year!

I'm going to try and hold out to do any testing until next Thursday, June 21st when I'll be 12dpo!


DH and I attented a wedding reception this past Saturday evening. It was a bit more formal than we are used to, but very nice. We were sat at the random table with people that weren't family, just friends/acquaintances. We chatted with a nice couple until finally the food was served! Roast beef, chicken, pasta with alfredo sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans and bread. And the cake was delicious! They had both white and chocolate pieces, layered with a really smooth icing that tasted sweet but had an almost tangy, pineapple taste. DH hated it, so I polished off his piece as well.

They also had a candy table with little to-go baggies with their initials on them. DH loved this as he is a candy fiend! We picked up mostly Twizzers, gummy worms and sixlets...yum!

After dinner, and the traditional dances, they asked the guests to join them on the dance floor for a slow song. DH and I decided to dance. It was nice! I think the last time we slow danced with each other was at our own wedding, nearly 9 years ago. I don't even recall what song was playing...I just remember that it felt nice to be close to one another!

Upon leaving the reception and getting back into the car to go home, I started having strong cramping pains...what I believe to be O pains. They didn't last long and faded to a dull ache...

I was just so happy to be finally ovulating after nearly 3 months of nothing!


I've also been thinking about our finances lately. We aren't doing too bad considering all the things that have happened the last 3 years.

In 2009, we both lost our jobs within a month of one another. $25k in the bank wasn't enough to save us. We blew through that money quickly trying to save our house and cars and put food on the table.

We spent the next 2 years losing our house and a car, and racking up medical debt. It's a wonder we eventually came out the other side.

But, we have no savings/emergency fund. We still have $5k in medical debt. And around $10k in credit card debt (which resulted from putting medical debt on the credit card, car repairs, and installing a fence in our new hours for our dogs...and ok, maybe a few video games, movies and other electronics). I can't say it's all from 3 years of suckiness, but a lot of it is.

We aren't worried about the savings account...it didn't save us before, and should we both lose our jobs at the same time again, it won't save us. As long as one of us is employed, we will make it.

We aren't even worried about the medical debt. It can wait. We can make super small payments and pay for it forever. It sucks, but it is what it is.

We want to get rid of the $10k in credit cards asap. We have a lot of discretionary income every month that we can use to pay it off. We could probably pay it off in about 10 months. So I want to start chipping away at it now. If we are going to get pregnant soon (I hope), I want to have that debt gone by the time the baby arrives. I want to have that extra money every month for baby expenses and so we can buy baby whatever we want.

I need to keep that idea in mind every time I want to buy something...


  1. i've been thinking about you so much this week and am happy to read that you had telling signs of ovulating :) yay for a being back in the game. you've been in my prayers so much, m!

    it sounds like a wonderful time at the wedding. i LOVE those candy bars. and i love slow dancing at weddings. it gives you an excuse to have a nice, quiet moment with the mr.

    i'm sending lots of love and positive thoughts and prayers your way <3
    have a great night!

  2. I FOUND YOU!!!!
    The link I had for your blog one day just didnt work...so glad I can catch up now!

  3. Kyla! So glad you found me. I just realized the other day that my link on babycenter was wrong in my signature...finally fixed it!