Saturday, August 11, 2012

Post-Op Day 1

This will be short as I'm still pretty groggy...

Surgery went well. Actually got in 20 mins early because previous surgery cancelled. Only lasted 30 minutes...and no endo was found!!! Only thing found was scar tissue from last lap and that was glued to my bowel which was glued to my abdominal wall...likely the reason for my pain the last few months. Doc unglued everything and removed the scar tissue. Only 2 incisions this time instead of in belly button and one just above pubic bone.

Doc told my mom and DH he will give me Provera at my follow-up to induce a period, then I will start Femara cycle days 3-7! I'm so waiting a cycle or two. We can start right away.

I'm taking next week off work and hopefully going back the week after. We'll see how I feel...but so far I'm feeling pretty good...considering.

Pre-op pic:

Post-op (day 1) pic (bandaids will come off later today). I'm pretty bloated and still have iodine all over my belly and upper legs....kind of looks like a blotchy tan :) The other bandaid is a bit lower, just under the lovely mesh underwear.


  1. Wow, that was a super fast surgery! Great news being endo free! I'm thrilled for you that you can start right away. Rest easy this week!

  2. So glad your surgery went well! Let me know if you need any Femara advice. Wishing you a super speedy recovery!!

  3. i have heard so many success stories with femara. :)
    i'm so glad the surgery went quick and well for you, m.
    i hope each day gets better from here. xooxx