Thursday, August 23, 2012

Follow-Up Appt Today...and 7dpo

My follow-up appt. day has finally arrived. Just a couple more hours and mom and I will be on our way to Dr. T's office. I'm happy to announce to him that I've ovulated and won't be needing Provera...but wish I could be a few more DPO's so I would know whether this cycle is going to be a bust or not. But I'm hoping he'll give me a prescription for Femara today so I can fill it up AF arrives next Friday.

I had a HORRIBLE backache last the point where it was causing sciatica down my left leg. The last time I've felt that I was pregnant. I also had some weird cramping and twinges in my uterus. I don't want to read too much into it. Maybe things are just feeling different this TWW because of my surgery. Who knows?!

I'll keep this short and try to update tonight about my appointment!

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  1. i'm thinking of you and hoping you had a wonderful appointment. take it easy. <3
    sending love and prayers your way!!