Saturday, August 25, 2012

9dpo Temp Drop & Cramps

9dpo and temp drop again this morning. But then an hour later, it was up an entire degree. WTH? Along with that I'm having cramps this seriously feels like AF is But she's not due until Friday, Aug. 31 and my LP is always 14 days!

Maybe I'm reading way too much into this crap, but here is my chart overlay from my last 4 ovulatory cycles (dating back to December). It really is sad how little I actually ovulate.

Orange is my current cycle!

Dec 21 GREEN.  March 3 PINK.  June 16 BLUE.  July 15 ORANGE.

So, if this one's a bust...bring on the Femara!


  1. My stress level has gone waaaay down since I stopped temping. It was impossible to do it accurately now that I am getting up a lot during the night with my new foster baby... I hated giving up that sense of control (although it wasn't really any control at all) but now I'm grateful that I can stop analyzing my temp every single morning.

  2. Could it be an implantation dip/cramping?? It definitely isn't too late for that. If you do end up getting your period earlier this month, then you can just look at it as closer to starting the Femara! The Femara will almost definitely make your LP normal and will give you a healthy egg (ovulated at a reasonable time) and a lovely lining. I was very skeptical at first, but am so glad that I took it. Good luck!!

  3. Unfortunately, Femara will not necessarily make your LP normal. I'm on it and having to start progesterone this cycle because of a short LP even on Femara. Good luck though this cycle!!

  4. i wish i knew how to read these charts. wishing you lots of luck!!