Thursday, August 30, 2012

DH's SA is today!

DH's dreaded sperm analysis has arrived and I think he's ok with it. Only problem is, he hurt his shoulder somehow and know it's in a sling. His "functional" arm. His appointment is at 10am but he chose to do it at home since it's only a 20 minute drive and it just has to be there within an hour. But since he can't use his arm, I'm going into work late so I can do the job for him. :) then he is driving it up there. The cup fits perfectly and safely in his sling...right in the crook of his arm :)

 I don't know why, but I feel nervous about it. I don't think it's him, but you never know. I just want everything to come back normal on his side of things because I really think that mine is going to be a fairly easy fix.

 I've also started taking my prenatals on cd1 this cycle. I want to do everything I can to make this cycle work. Only problem is that my digestive system still isn't back to it's normal self since surgery...meaning I'm not completely regular yet. And prenatals are notorious for causing constipation. I was in so much pain last night, I felt like was going to burst...but then I'd go to the bathroom and nothing would happen. So I got home from work and took two stool softeners. Finally a few hours later...and..success! Followed by awful diarrhea. Ugh gross...but hopefully that's the worst of it.

Tomorrow is cd5...the start of Femara. Oh...and it only cost me $6.50 for the 10 pills. Yay! It's also Labor Day weekend so I've got Monday off (paid). And my new chair is being delivered to our house tomorrow...just in time for football this weekend. I plan to park my butt in it all weekend :)

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  1. i hope the sa went well and you and dh got to enjoy a weekend of lounging and relaxing. been thinking about you and hoping that you feel much better than last week!!
    lots of love!