Monday, November 19, 2012

Ultrasound #1

First off, sorry for the delay in update. Friday was such an emotional (but happy) day. DH and I have just been enjoying it all weekend long!

We went in Friday at 2:30 for the appointment, got back into a room fairly quickly, but waited for the doc for almost half an hour. Finally, he arrived and he had an intern (?) in tow, which I didn't really like, but oh well. He asked a couple quick questions...if I was feeling like crap. If my boobs were still sore. If I had any spotting, bleeding or cramping. Yep, I feel like crap. My boobs hurt. No spotting or cramping. He said he hopes I continue to feel like shit (his words) and said let's not waste anymore time...let's get an ultrasound.

He started with an abdominal, which worried me because I was only 6w5d and no one told me to drink water beforehand. He told me not to freak out if we didn't see much. We looked at the screen and it was easy to see the gestational sac. It looked like there was stuff in the sac, but it was so blurry that it was hard to tell. He kept saying that it looked good...really good...but that he couldn't promise it was or wasn't a blighted ovum, which freaked me out. I thought at this point he would offer an internal ultrasound, but he said he couldn't do those in his office, and offered to send me for one next week. This is when I lost it crying thinking I'd be in limbo all weekend wondering if there was a baby or not. I freaked out and told him I was scared and would prefer if I could get in today. He said he would try but it was late in the day and he couldn't promise anything. I started crying harder at this point, so he came up to me and hugged me and said he understood...that he had been there. He told me to take my time and come out when I was ready. He left and I lost it again while DH held me. I told him I felt stupid for crying and refused to leave the room until my face looked a lot less red and puffy.

We went out to the front desk, and the receptionist was on the phone with the imaging center down the street. DH kept saying he didn't think they'd be able to get me in same day, but they did. I had to guzzle as much water as I could before arriving. I only managed to get down about 20 oz. and thought for sure it wouldn't be enough. The tech called me back after about 15 minutes in the waiting room. We got to the room and DH mentioned that I might not have enough water. The tech seemed concerned but said it was too late now and to say down. She started looking with the abdominal and said it looked like my bladder was pretty full.

DH finally decided to look at the screen since I couldn't see it. He kept saying he thought he saw something but wasn't sure. 10 minutes later, she said it would be time for the transvaginal, so she let me empty my bladder and then come back. I just kept laying there looking at the light in the ceiling. DH got up again and started looking. A couple minutes later, he gasped and said "There really is something in there!" He kept saying that again and again. He also said he gave me a thumbs up at one point, but I never saw it. I thought about asking to see the screen, but the tech was so quiet, I decided not to.

Finally, she was finished. She left the room and I asked DH to describe in detail what he saw (I made him draw me a picture later). We went back to the waiting room once I was dressed and waited. They told us it was going to take about 15 minutes for their radiologist to read the results, then he would call my doctor, who would then call me to give me the results (while we waited). Finally, DH got antsy and decided to stand up and wait in the hallway next to the waiting room. We could hear the receptionist through the window when the radiologist called her. She answered, listened for a minute, then said "Oh, gooood." She hung up pretty quickly and dialed my doctor, called my name and handed me the phone. I got nervous for a second, but he didn't make me wait long before saying "nothing but good news!" He went on to say that they had seen the fetal pole and yolk sac and that the baby had a nice, strong heartbeat! I just keep saying OK, which was driving DH nuts because he couldn't tell what the doctor was saying. Finally he said Congrats! and to call him if I needed anything! I said Thank You! and hung up. DH instantly started asking questions...and I said everything is fine. Healthy baby with a strong hearbeat. We walked out of the office on Cloud 9...and as soon as we got out the door, DH hugged me. I looked over at him with tears in my eyes...surprised to see that he had tears in his eyes too!

The only other thing the doctor mentioned that I didn't tell DH about...was that there is a small pocket of fluid behind the placenta. He said this is common and usually resolves on its own. I didn't want to worry DH or take this moment away from him, so I didn't tell him.

I really wish I could've seen the screen during the ultrasound...or ask for a picture. But I wasn't sure if I was allowed or supposed to, so I didn't. I'm hoping my doctor will get all the ultrasound pictures, so perhaps I can ask at my next appointment (Nov 30). He will probably do another abdominal ultrasound then...I'll be 8w5d. My mom will be going with me to that one, so I'm really hoping you'll be able to see more then.

*EDIT* I called the imaging center this morning to request pictures. They are making a CD for me and I'm picking it up tomorrow. Forgot to ask how much it cost. Oops!


  1. So, so very happy for you!!! And so glad they got you in for another u/s!! This is it!! :) yay for another appointment next week - this is wonderful and I know you will cry happy tears again and again!
    Soak it all up! Xoxoxo

  2. Yayyy! So stressful, but such good news! I do the same thing with my husband, I will leave something minor out because I don't want him stressing about it. By your next u/s hopefully that little pocket of fluid will be nowhere to be seen.