Monday, November 5, 2012

5 weeks, 1 day

How I’m Changing 
My boobs are already hurting and growing. A lot of my tops for work were already a bit snug, but now I can no longer button up the button ups. Luckily I bought a few loose, flowing tanks a few weeks ago and can wear those with a cardigan just fine. Also, most of my work pants were snug before my BFP as well, so now I only have one pair that I can button, apparently I am quite bloated. I took a picture of myself yesterday and I feel like I look way farther along. I'll see if I can post it later tonight! are the pics at 5 weeks exactly...granted I had a tiny bit of a pooch before getting pregnant, a lot of this is early pregnancy, evening bloat! Weight: 125

How I’m Feeling
I still have a few cramps that scare the crap out of me (usually at night for some reason), but they only last a few seconds, and then they are gone. I am also peeing a lot, and still waking up once a night to pee and sometimes have a snack. My eating has been off and on. Sometimes I feel like I can eat all day long...other days I don't feel like eating much of anything.

I've been feeling VERY emotional lately. We went to the mall over the weekend, and I guess we were walking too slow, and the people behind us, instead of just going around, were talking smack and then snottily said "excuse us!" I didn't bother moving but my friend did, and I got upset by this. I'm always the invisible person that people don't move for. Usually if I don't move, I'll get run over. It's always pissed me off, but this time around I couldn't take. As we left the mall, I went off and then started crying about it.

I'm also nervous. Half the time about something going wrong and the other half of the time, I worry about how our lives are going to change and if I will be a good mom. I know it's normal, but it's just such a crazy, out of control feeling. First ultrasound is next Friday, Nov. 16th. I'll be 6w5d. I'm both excited and nervous! The only other ultrasound I had during any pregnancy was when we found out our very first was a blighted ovum.

And tired. It's been kind of off and on during the day this past week, but it really hit me yesterday. We went out to breakfast, had sex (first time since conception), and put up the Christmas tree. We had to put the tree up in shifts and even then, I was so tired. I took a nap in the afternoon, then went to bed by 8pm. Today at 5w1d, I woke up tired and it hasn't left while here at work.

Oh, and the dreams! OMG, the dreams. I've been having some pretty wild dreams. Sex dreams. I wake up feeling exhilarated. I am not one to initiate doing it, but this weekend I did and it surprised the crap out of DH! I'm not sure it will last, especially since I had some mild cramping afterwards, which I would really like to avoid!

What I’m Eating
My cravings have been all over the place. Toast with butter and cinnamon sugar, cottage cheese, cheeseburgers and salads...just not all together :) Sometimes I'll crave something and 5 minutes later I'll change my mind. We went to the grocery store on Saturday, then on Sunday I didn't want anything we had bought and forced DH to run to Wendy's to buy me a BLT Cobb Salad. I must say it was quite yummy! 

Random thoughts this week:

  • Weight: Starting weight at the docs 3w5d was 129
  • Wondering if I will get m/s and when it will start
  • Anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving to tell my dad
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    1. Happy 5 weeks!! So glad to hear you're feeling all the glorious symptoms!! Ahh, I have crazy dreams too - sometimes the wacky sex ones too! Lol! Hope you enjoy a relaxing night, eat yummy food and get a restful night of sleep!
      Lots of love xoxo