Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Camera fun!

The closest DH will let me get to photographing him hahah

My new to me ibook

Guest bed headboard


Some of my medals

Baby in mirror

Babygirl peeking at me ;)

Sam's toys

Papaw's memorial pamphlet and flower from his coffin :(

My current read

How can you not love this face?

My "George" necklace

The back

The bag I ordered for my new camera...arriving Friday!!!

The almost empty toy bin

My mood - EVERY DAY!

My purse

Baby and his favorite ball

Sorcerer Mickey

Totally excited about this camera...can you tell?!

Uhhh, sorry about morning hair and no make-up!

And I'm goofy ;)


  1. Lovin the photos! That last one is so fun, I might have to try a selfie like that.

  2. i'm working on a wordless wednesday post too :)
    i love these!! so many to comment on. i love the one of your pup looking in the mirror. all the ones of you are don't need makeup. you have such nice skin :)
    your coach purse is such a pretty color and i love your new bag. my friend gave me a gift certificate for a camera bag and i need to use it pronto. the one my camera came with is pretty hideous. lol
    keep on snappin'!!
    hope you have a wonderful thursday <3