Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ovulation on CD26?

I had, at first, what I thought was a positive OPK yesterday...but after comparing it to all my other OPKs from the past 2 weeks, it looks the same. So...DH and I didn't BD last we were both tired from the gym, so it just didn't happen. We have been on the every other day schedule as it is...

But now, after a higher temp this morning and higher temps throughout the day, I'm wondering if skipping last night was a mistake. I still won't know for sure until I get a couple more days of high temps, but I'm going to be pretty bummed if I did and we didn't BD the day OF. I mean, there's still a chance that we could've hit the window anyway, right?

I keep reminding myself that every other day BD is perfectly fine as it's still in the fertile window...and it only takes one little guy :)

Anyway, here's my FF chart...if anyone's reading, what do you think?

On a non-TCC note, I have put off blogging for a few days because I just can't decide what to write about. I have so many ideas for I'm trying to prioritize what I should post about first. I mainly started this blog to document my TTC efforts, but I also want to be able to write about other things going on in my life. Everything is ultimately all intertwined anyway.

New blog topics to come...stay tuned!


  1. Time will tell with tomorrows temp I think...I personally dont take it into consideration until I have had three above my normal cover line. It does look like you had BD quite a fair bit though so here is to fingers crossed and lots of baby dust!

  2. i wouldn't worry too much about skipping a day. i know it is so tough to feel it all out and not worry. i never charted but always used opk tests in the beginning year.
    i'm sending tons of positive vibes your way!!
    maria <3