Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This 'N' That

I really need to do a little updating all around. I've been so busy, in and out of work, that I haven't had time to write about much of anything. Now that I've got a break, I figured it was a good time before I get busy again!

First off, the weather this past weekend was amazing! It was kind of cold starting out on Saturday, but by was near 70 and sunny. This sparked DH and I on a spring cleaning frenzy. We had been neglecting cleaning the house for a while now...and it was starting to look pretty awful.

This "little bit o' cleaning" turned into a 5-hour marathon, including laundry, dusting, sweeping/vacuuming, mopping, dishes, decluttering, and yard work. On top of that, we have been selling stuff like mad on eBay that we don't use/want anymore, so our guest room is a MESS. I've been trying to list stuff as fast as possible so we can get it sold, shipped out and have some money rolling in. DH got this hair up his butt to get rid of our Best Buy credit card by mid-April. Did I mention it's still over 3 grand?! Anyway, being the accountant that he is, he actually put together a list of stuff we were selling and how much we'd make off each well as extra checks we have coming in. Upon looking at his list, it should work. That credit card should be gone by April. Fingers crossed.

But...back to cleaning.
We. Cleaned. Everything.

The soap scum that somehow got on the walls in the bathroom? Check.
I still wonder how that stuff gets there.

The leaves that blow in through the back door in the garage? Swept.

We even went and bought a small fire pit for the backyard because we had some old checks to burn.
Oops. So much for that saving money thing. Ha! It was only $60...

Checks burned? CHECK!


In other news...I have no idea what my body is doing as far as TTC goes. I started Vitex 3-4 weeks...had a "period?" a week after I started taking it...and now I'm on CD12 and no obvious signs of O in sight. *sigh*

But, I am continuing to temp, use OPKs...and BD every other day. Until my insurance card comes in...all I can do is hope something happens. Starting to wonder if I have PCOS.


And at work...I'm extremely busy. Lots of brochures, banners, ads and posters...all due at the same time. But it's good. Job security.


DH's new car - a Camaro. We just got it a month ago...have only put 1,200 miles on it.

We washed it over the weekend...and a few miles after we left the wash, the car sounded like crap. A bunch of lights came on in the dash...the air turned off...and it sounded as if it was going to stall out. We took it the next day to a nearby dealership to have their service department take a look at it. They had it all day and could only find a wire that wasn't they fixed that and said that would probably fix the problem. That was yesterday.

This morning, DH hops in...and a bunch of lights come on immediately. Stabilitrack. Tire pressure. On Star button turns red. XM goes off. Heat goes off. We drive around the block and those things turn off and on a couple times. We're convinced it's something electrical that the dealership missed. By this point, DH is fuming. He doesn't even want the car anymore and I don't blame him. You don't buy a new car and expect it to have problems right off the hop.

So we take it back in...and DH gave them a mouthful of some not so pretty words.

This afternoon, they call back and say "we found another non-insulated wire...that should fix it."

I told DH that it was bull...and we plan on taking it to the dealership where we bought it. If it goes in a couple more times for the same problem, we should be able to take some (legal) action...but until then, we're stuck paying for a brand new car that isn't drive-able.

I feel so bad. DH deserves a new car. He sold his nice car back in 2010 when we had no jobs and couldn't afford it anymore.

I'm hoping that they can figure out what's really wrong -- or give him a different car! Fingers crossed.


In the last week or so, I made a somewhat impulse purchase.

In addition to my other Apple products (imac G5, ipad, ipod shuffle)...I felt the need for a laptop.

So, I scoured eBay and bought one of these:

A 12" ibook G4! I got it for less than $150...but had to buy a new battery, so spent around $175 total for it. My plan was to use it for Internet browsing, email, Facebook and blogging while on the couch or in bed in the evenings.

Plus, this was my first Apple when I was in it feels special to me. And the white shiny exterior is still SO pretty, I just couldn't help myself.

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  1. i'm really sorry to hear about the camaro!! i hope everything gets figured out. my brother has had 3 of them over the years, before he sold his last for a cadillac.

    i hope that miss O decides to show her face soon. i'll be thinking about you!!

    and what a sweet deal you got on the laptop! awesome :)

    have a wonderful thursday <3