Friday, March 2, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

I realize a post about my favorite things could go on and on I tried to limit it somewhat...but I like a lot of people and things :)

DH & I on our very first date!

DH getting ready to throw the garter


DH & I before our first half marathon, 2010

My furbabies, Sam & Lily

My dad and step-mom Lynda

Dad & I before my college graduation, 2006

Papaw, my mom's (late) dad (far right) & Lula Mae get married

DH's dad...Dadoo

DH's grandma and pa...RIP...miss you both!

Cousin Tessa...isn't she a ham?! She will be 13 this year!

Step-dad Dave and brother Matt

My bro and I

Dave & I after my high school graduation, 2000

Mom at Universal Studios, Florida

Mom & I on one of our MANY vacations!

Cinderella's Castle, Disney and I's favorite place!

We also love to go on cruises!

Apple anything! <3

My macbook pro and my doggies

My Charger!

I love all Disney movies...Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc are my faves!

Totally addicted to How I Met Your Mother

I LOVE Christmas!

Presents at Grandma's house (2010)...miss those days :(

Graphic profession and my love! (postcard I designed)

Drawing from college

Starting drawing athletes and getting them signed. Had planned on making and selling prints...but still haven't got around to it! Someday maybe...

I also love working out. I need to work on getting these guns back.

Running! I ran track and cross country in high school and have since done 3 half marathons.
I'd love to one day run a full marathon.

I love anything cow...and also anything Swarovski!

Although pricey, lululemon stuff rocks!


  1. You are a marathoner too.... COOL - I dropped back outta it, but I would love to get back into doing Marathon Relays and 1/2's...

  2. I really need to start getting back into running again too...I always feel good once I've's just trying to drag myself to the gym -that's the hard part!

  3. awesome photos! it was so fun to look through them all and see all the love in your life.
    how awesome that you've run half've got some guns, girl :)
    i ran one with my mom 3 summers ago. it was so exhilerating!!
    the photo of you and your brother is precious <3
    and i loved the one of christmas at your grandmas!

    thanks for sharing!!

    maria <3