Monday, March 26, 2012

8dpo...running...and more photos!

...and still haven't tested. I'm trying to be strong until 12dpo...but will likely start testing on Wednesday (10dpo). Ugh...I'm so impatient. TTC obsession has been momentarily replaced with a running obsession. I actually got 15 miles in last week + 3 days of weight lifting + a round of golf! I went out last night for a jog...and the weather was awesome. 70 and sunny. Had my ipod blaring the new Eric Church song "Springsteen"...I'm so hooked on that song!

Was going to go only a couple miles...especially since I had lifted weights and played golf...but after the first 2 miles, I actually felt pretty good. So I ran a full hour. My Garmin still needs a new battery...but I estimate I went about 4.5 miles :)

Also, still LOVING my camera! I haven't had a chance to take it out of the house...and it got really cold today (30's this morning) after being almost 90 last week :( I did manage to get some great pictures of my furbabies. The blond one really loves soon as I pull it out, he starts wagging...and once I point it at him, I swear he turns up the cuteness!


    and i couldn't help but that a missoni blanket in the background?!
    ahhh, i loved that line at target. i scored a coat 70% off at the end of the season.
    such a pretty pattern!

    i love eric church. his music is fun and a bit edgy!
    i know testing time can be a doozy...i'm praying for you!

  2. I drove myself nutty last month testing every day, only to see empty white space.

    This month I promised myself I wouldn't test early, and I stuck with it, thank goodness because AF showed up right on time at 14dpo.

    I'm hoping this is your month though, and you won't have to try a new strategy like I did ;-)

  3. @Maria - Yep - Missoni comforter from Target. I hadn't even heard of it until the website went down for a few hours...then I decided to check it out and jumped on this before it sold out!

    I feel like a crazy camera lady now - running around the house just LOOKING for something to photograph ;)