Friday, May 25, 2012

Up North

Pics I promised to post days ago from DH and I's trip up north last weekend!

Living room in the condo

View from the living room

Sam looking out

Beanie looking out

Flowers in living room...I was having fun with the camera :)

Lamp and coasters in living room


DH usually won't let me take pics of him - unless he's not paying attention :)

Knobs on the kitchen cabinets - aren't they cute!?

More camera fun...aren't I lame?

Love this face!

Lake Michigan - view from the condo living room

Bridge over Crystal River to Lake Michigan

Same bridge as above ^

Can you tell I love these (fake) flowers? They are just so colorful!

Holy dog nose prints!

We took the doggies for a quick stroll Saturday morning...

Crystal River

Ugh, blurry. I was trying to snap pics while walking Beanie...

Shortly after taking these, he thought it'd be funny to moon me...

We decided to head to Traverse City about 45 mins away

...but went thru tiny Glen Arbor first

...then along some water :)

Sand dunes!

Seriously...the pics do not do justice for how beautiful it was!

Almost there!

Yipee! More water.

The place I work has the same acronym as this place (FIM) I had to take this pic!

On the way back to the condo

13 more miles!

I just love red barns!

Sand dunes again...can you tell I get antsy on car rides?

...and we are back!

But later in the day, went back into town! I can't resist these shots!

We listened to XM radio when it came in...ahhh...Candlebox!

DH's arm ;)

Bored controls!

Saturday night's sunset over Lake Michigan!

There used to be a flag on this flagpole...

Seriously gorgeous!

Just outside the condo in the river!


  1. We went up north for a vacation in Traverse City (well, right outside of) a couple years ago. It was SO FUN! J and I loved Glen Arbor. So beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Love your photos/memories.
    Ahhh, looks so peaceful. And the sunsets are amazing.
    I lol at the pic you said "he mooned me after this one." Hahaha

    I hope to visit Michigan someday. It looks like our kinda place for a vaca.
    I'm glad you both enjoyed each others company.
    I hope you're doing well. Been thinking about you lots!

  3. Maria - he even let me take a pic of his moon so long as I promised not to post it lol...he sure is crazy ;)