Friday, May 11, 2012


I'm sorry for neglecting my blog. It's been so crazy lately...I know I keep saying that, but it really is.
Work is insanely busy - we are preparing for our biggest event of the year that happens tonight...exciting, but ready for it to end.

In addition, I kept waiting to O, but figured I wouldn't because of all the stress. The kidney stone, the car accident, work, etc. Finally on CD38 (Tuesday), I started spotting brown. The end of a completely useless cycle. A waste of my time. I'm so sick of all of this not knowing if/when I will O. No wonder it took me years to fall pregnant :(

On top of all this, I went to the doctor's yesterday because I have been having asthma-like symptoms. Tightness/pressure in my chest, slight shortness of breath...and almost always at night after I have laid down. Doctor did an EKG and a pulmonary function test. She also listened to my breathing and my heart with a stethoscope. She said that I passed the pulmonary function test (even though I can't breath out for very long)...but noticed something about my heart. She said it will beat rapidly, followed by a normal beat; continuously. She says sometimes that can be normal, but the EKG showed the same thing.

At this point, I am freaking out. She said it could simply be bronchiospasms caused by allergies or perhaps even asthma (even though the pulmonary function test didn't show anything). case it's my heart that's causing the issues, she is referring me to a cardiologist to get everything checked out. They will likely do another EKG, an exercise stress test, and she also mention some other sort of test with dye (?). I was kind of freaking out at the end, so I can't recall what that last test was all about.

In the meantime, she prescribed me an inhaler...and also some pills to help regulate my heart rate. She also recommended taking some allergy pills to see if that helps. I did all 3 last night. The inhaler helped a little once my chest started tightening up. Then I took the pill for my heart...and that helped immensely. The tightness completely went away...and only felt some mild aches in my left chest a couple times. I also took an allergy pill (antihistamine) prior to going to bed - these usually make me pretty sleepy - but since I've been coughing so much when my chest tightens up, I've been getting a lot of I figured this might help dry it up.

So for now...I'm onto a new TTC cycle...taking my pills for my heart...using my inhaler when needed...and looking forward to some much needed vacation time. Next weekend, my husband and I are going up north to visit my step-dad who owns a B&B on a lake...and staying in his condo on Lake Michigan just a few miles away. We're only going up for 3 nights...but I can't wait. Then Memorial Day is the weekend after two 3-day weekends in a row. My body is SO ready for that!


  1. Praying it is nothing serious with your heart! And FX for a take home baby soon!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to a strong and beautiful woman. I've been thinking of you. And keeping you in my prayers.
    I'm sorry to hear things have been so hectic. You deserve those 3 day vacas-the BnB sounds amazing and super relaxing.
    I will be praying for your health, M! Sending big hugs and lots of love to you!