Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sadness & No O

What a shitty day!

DH and I were planning on garage saling (saleing? sale-ing?)...then going up to play putt putt and go karts in the evening. But we had to stop by his mom's house first to check on his grandma. His mom and step dad were going up north, so they wanted us to check on gma while they are gone (she lives with them). When we stopped by, they hadn't left we visited for a few minutes before leaving. A half an hour later his mom calls DH's cell in a panic and crying. She needed to know if our vet's office was open and asked him to call to tell them they were on their way with their dog.

DH called really quickly as he knows the number off the top of his head and told them they were coming. A few minutes later, she calls back to tell us what's up...the dog got out the door while they were packing the car, and a van was driving by waaay too fast and hit him :(

We went back to their house to be with grandma and wait for the news. A few minutes later they pulled in and told us that he didn't make it :( The vet tried everything, but said that he likely passed while on their way to the vet. It just pisses me off that people can drive 50mph on a road where the speed limit is 25mph, and then speed away when they knew they had hit him. What is wrong with people?!


CD19 on no sign of O. I'm not feeling good about this cycle and quite frankly, I'm getting VERY sick of this. I haven't O'ed since March 16th. I'm going to wait this out a few more days, and them I'm calling the doctor. I just know that if they can give me some Clomid or Fermera and get me to ovulate that I'll be able to get pregnant again.


  1. Ohhh, I'm so so sorry about your in-laws dog. So heartbreaking. And you're right...what a**holes (excuse my language) to just drive off. How heartless can someone be. Prayers to all of you.
    I hope that your doctor can give you the answers and meds asap...I have faith you will be on your way to a happy cycle/pregnancy soon. Thinking of you and sending love and prayers.

  2. That is so terrible about the dog!! So sad that people can be so ignorant and heartless. Hoping your cycle straightens out soon. I'm having a bad one too, so I feel ya! XO