Thursday, February 9, 2012

Surprise BFP!

On a Monday morning, after a weekend of wondering why my AF hadn't arrived and eating everything in sight, DH said I should take a pregnancy test. I agreed, but figured it would probably be negative. I was wrong...I was shocked when I saw a positive staring me back in the face.

I should back up a bit and explain the whole pregnancy thing. At this point in time, DH and I had been married for almost 8 years. For the last 5-6 years we weren't trying but not preventing either. We figured if it happened, it would happen. But after years of irregular cycles, low libido (me, not DH) and a diagnosis of endometriosis (and a laparoscopy) back in 2005, I was doubtful we would ever fall pregnant. There were definitely a few times when I thought I was because AF stayed away for a while, but I wasn't temping or charting so I likely wasn't even ovulating (or was ovulating late).

Anyway, back to that morning when a + had taken me by surprise. Instead of waiting for DH to get home from work...I decided to call him on the phone and tell him. He was shocked but so happy! Immediately after he got home from work, we drove to his mom's to tell her...she didn't believe us. I had to show her the pee stick! She had bothered us for so many years asking when we were going to make her a grandma. Then we went to his dad's house...who I could tell was already a proud grandpa!

After all the shock and excitement wore off, no sooner did the worry set in. DH was still temporary and I was only part-time getting low wages and unemployment. How would be pay for this baby? I never understood what it was like to feel the worry a parent has for their child, but I have to say, upon seeing those two pretty pink lines, I instantly fell in love. I felt like I had to do everything in my power to provide for this baby...

Over the next couple weeks, we checked into Medicaid but still apparently made too much to qualify. :( This incited my emotions had been running wild...and I found out without insurance or Medicaid, my preferred OB/GYN wouldn't take me as a patient. I FREAKED out and bawled to DH...asked him how we were going to find an OB that would take me w/no insurance...and what if I didn't like him/her...all the what ifs...

He assured me that we would figure everything out and that I needed to try not to stress about it. We ended up contacting an insurance agent and bought some insurance. It was going to cost us an arm and a leg, but it was worth it for our baby. I took the advice of an aquiantance that had a toddler and another baby on the way, and decided to contact her OB. This ultimately turned out to be a bad decision and I should've taken more time to make a choice. But more on that later. At this point (mid-July) I was happy to have insurance and an OB.

(To be continued...)

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