Friday, March 29, 2013

Updates 26 Weeks

Lots of updates...and I've had lots of time, just haven't made it here to post.

A week ago, I went to my OB appointment and was still spilling sugar in my urine. My OB thought for sure that I was heading towards gestational diabetes, despite passing my 3 hour glucose test, so he suggested getting a glucometer and testing for a couple weeks. I agreed. I didn't end up getting it until Tuesday afternoon, and so far all my numbers are under 100 with the exception of a 105. The first fasting morning I woke up hungry and with a 58...too low. The next couple nights I had a snack with protein prior to bed and both of those next morning fastings have been in the 70's...perfect from everything I've read. My two hour post meal readings have been between 66 and 105 (those are the lowest and the highest) with the majority falling in the 80's. Seems there is no way I have GD with those numbers. We will see what dr. says at my appt. today.

Since having contractions start a couple weeks ago, I noticed that I hardly had any as long as I rested at home a lot. But as soon as I left to the house and starting walking around, they'd come back...sometimes up to 10 per hour. Not good. I told my OB about this and asked about physical activity and if I should avoid it if it brings on contractions. He said yes and asked if I got disability benefits at work. As soon as I told him I did, he mentioned being on best rest the rest of the pregnancy. I agreed, so long as it was reducing the contractions. So, 3+ months of bedrest. It was a tough decision for me and I cried a lot that night. I felt guilty for leaving work without their second designer...I felt bad that DH was going to have to bear most of the burden of responsibilities around the house. And I felt scared about the whole process. A week later, I'm doing ok. I get bored easily, but I realize it's all for baby and it will definitely be worth it.

I am still in the process of getting all the paperwork completed for the short term disability and my work/HR has been awesome about. They said if there is a delay between what I have left for vacation/sick pay and benefits, that they will float me the difference and work out what I owe them when I return in the fall. That way we won't have a gap in money coming in to pay bills.

26 weeks today and so hard to believe! Baby boy has been kicking me like crazy...and it actually hurts when he's feet down. He's head down again and starting to get pretty close to my ribs!


  1. I'm so happy for your progress, and so glad Brady is kicking you so much although it can be shocking at times when he does his karate chop with it. lol

  2. I'm sorry about the bed rest, but glad you're going to be able to take good care of you and that precious baby. You are getting SO close!

  3. I'm so glad your job is being awesome about it. You made a great decision! Baby is a lucky little man! :)