Thursday, February 21, 2013

Possible GD & Baby Showers

I had my 20/21 week usual appointment on Tuesday. I ate like crap all day because the sciatic nerve pain had been AWFUL. It was making me nauseated it hurt so my food intake before my appointment was deplorable (McD's bagel and sweet tea for breakfast, granola bars for snack, and another granola bar and some milk before the appointment...pretty much no lunch to speak of). Mom went with me since DH went last week and I hate going alone (just in case of bad news; I should really get over that by now). Anyway, the nurse got my weight (141) and I'm up 12 lbs. total so far. My blood pressure was fine at 120/82. While we waited for the doc, baby boy was kicking like crazy. I laid back and had mom put her hand on my belly. She was shocked when she was able to feel him. She just couldn't get enough and keep egging him on to keep kicking!

Finally doc comes in and says I'm spilling a ton of sugar in my urine (3+; whatever that means) and he suspects I may have gestational diabetes. He doesn't want to wait another 3-4 weeks to have me do the one hour glucose test, so he gave me a slip to go have it done...and an appt. in 2 weeks as a follow-up to go over results. He's pretty sure I had it, but now I'm wondering if the junk I ate that day could've made a difference. Then I started feeling guilty, as if it was my fault even though he said it wasn't. I felt like a bad mom...and that it was something I could've controlled. Everything I've read says otherwise, but I still went home and cried to DH!

I also requested an appt. with a nutritionist to get pointers of what I can and can't eat if I do in fact have GD. Regardless, I need to eat better. And also an appt. with a physical therapist to help with the sciatic pain. However, the receptionist was new and promised to call me Wednesday with that info, which of course, she didn't. Since my sciatic pain is gone (for now) and I don't know for sure if it's GD just yet, I'm going to just wait to follow-up on those at my next appt. on March 6th.

In other news, I have dates for all 3 of my baby showers already! Everyone is seriously on the ball. The out of state (Indiana) shower will be April 13, my work shower will be April 17 after work, and the BIG shower close to home will be May 5. DH & I got a list together of our friends and his dad's side of the family last weekend (about 50 people) and gave it to his mom, who said she needed to buy more invites. She had only bought 40. That list of 50 didn't include any of DH's mom's side or his step dad's side (and his step dad has no kids of his own; so this will be his first/only way to have a grandchild). Needless to say, it's going to be quite a large shower I think!

I'm starting to get excited! March is almost dad and step mom are coming up with the crib March 22, so we can finish setting up the nursery that weekend...then 3 weeks later is my first shower. Time is just going to FLY soon!!

Oh yes and I found this and want it!


  1. I love that lil cow onesie! Have you found anyone who you can talk to who has had GD? My cousin had it and I'm sure she would be willing to talk with you and be of support if you wanted and or needed it. Your pregnancy is flying by! I am in awe. It definitely goes by faster and is exciting with having so much to look forward to! You're awesome! Go Brady! Kick grandma!

  2. I am so excited, I am also 21 weeks! Yay, I love to have someone else to relate to. Try not to worry to much about the GD, they thought my sister had it also, with a few dietary changes she was fine. So, I'm sure you will be too! Good Luck!!

  3. I'm so sorry about the possible GD. It is not your fault if you have it...but I understand your feelings. I cried when I thought I had it too.
    Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things to look forward to!! :) I bet it is getting even more real!! Lots of love! Xoxox