Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Anatomy Ultrasound...

Everything is perfect! The scan only lasted about 15 minutes...way less than what I had planned from what I've heard from others. I was super nervous going to the appointment. We already knew it was a boy, so it was all about finding out if he was healthy. My hands were sweating all the way there. DH was meeting me there from work and told me he might be late. This frustrated me and I told him this might be the most important appointment we go to. My fears were unnecessary though, as he ended up getting there before me!

We got called back right away and the tech started by telling me to pull everything down to my knees, which I thought was odd. I guess I was being modest, so I pulled them down just below the pubic bone (she later had me pull them down because his head was really low). She asked if we wanted to know the sex, and I told her we had had an elective and were pretty sure we knew. She asked not to tell her. She went straight to between his legs and said "Yep, it's a boy!" She then moved to his head and started measuring. I was 19 weeks 1 day based on ovulation, 19 weeks 3 days based on LMP. I've been using the one based on ovulation since I knew I ovulated on CD17. Based on his head size, he was measuring 19.4 and 19.5. Anyway, still trying to decide what due date to use, even though I suppose 2 days doesn't really matter. OB is using July 5, so that's what I'm using now :)

She continued onto his heart (4 chambers all there, and HR ranged from 141 to 161 depending on when she checked it), checked his waist, kidneys, etc. Also bloodflow through the cord, the spine, brain stem, and length of femur bone. She also mentioned how active he was and asked what I had for lunch, which was macaroni and cheese and milk. I did have a couple sips of sweet tea on the way over, but not much. He was also very active at the elective ultrasounds. I think he's just an active baby! I feel him moving every day now :)

She tried to get a profile pic of him, but he wouldn't cooperate, so she got a straight on face shot...as well as a pic of him from the side showing his spine, and of course a pic of his boy parts :)

Boy parts, but he kept moving so this one isn't the best shot

Baby boy's spine

I think he has my chin ;)
And my 19 week bump shot (I've really popped out!):


  1. I love hearing the progress of Brady! I am so happy he is healthy and strong and kicking the heck out of you now everyday! He is such a miracle! So happy he was at least cooperative when you had the gender ultrasound! Rub your belly for me please! You are looking great!

  2. What a wonderful update! Love the pictures...and I'm a July 5 baby and I have to say, it is the BEST birthday :)

  3. Happy 19 weeks!! I will say what we keep saying to one another - time is flying!! Ahh, you are one week away from halfway. Your bump is precious!! I'm so happy your scan went well...it's such a beautiful sigh of relief...hearing and seeing that all is well with baby...such a blessing. I am so happy for you and dh! how neat that you could have a fourth of July baby! :)
    Lots of love! Have a relaxing night! Xoxox