Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Over Halfway & Updates

It's official...I'm terrible at keeping up with this blog right now!

So much is going on and so much to update, but I just haven't made it here. Work is so busy right now and the next month or so is going to be crazy before it slows down a bit right before my leave.

We are slowly getting stuff for Brady. My dad and step mom are buying the crib and bringing it up the weekend of March 22nd to help us put it together.

Crib we're getting!

We originally had the dark espresso version of the same crib picked out, but have decided to switch which room we are going to put him in. We are leaving the guest room as the guest room, but turning the bed the opposite way to make a bit more room to move the computer desk in there. The currently computer room (which is already pained a dark dusty blue color) will become Brady's room.

We decided to do this after buying the dresser and nightstand at an antique shop. I've been fretting over this whole dresser thing for a few weeks now. The one that matches the crib at Babies R Us is $550. No one in the family had mentioned buying it or pitching in, and I didn't want to wait until the shower(s) to see if someone would...and if they didn't, have to worry about getting one at 32 weeks+. I'm a planner, for sure, and waiting that long for something so unsure was stressing me out. Plus DH hated the thought at spending anything other $300 for a dresser, which I agree, seems crazy when we have so much other stuff to buy/worry about/pay off.

So this weekend we went to a few places (Big Lots, Target, Walmart, etc) only to find expensive stuff that you had to put together and would still be crappy :( We ended up at a big antique store hoping to get lucky...and I think we did. We found this dresser/changing table...and the top area is the perfect measurement for a changing pad. The nightstand is so cute and just what I wanted...just something to put a lamp and had some drawers to store diapers or other small items in. We might end up putting another coat of white on the dresser depending on how it matches the crib, and we'll have to paint the nightstand white. But we got both for $125 total, so we are happy! You can also see the blue on the walls of Brady's room...which just so happens to go great with the crib bedding mom bought...

$80 dresser/changing table we bought at antique mall. Will probably paint knobs.

Nightstand we will paint white.

Crib bedding mom bought. Comes with quilt, bumpers, sheets, valance and the 3 pieces of wall decor.
Registered for the blanket, lamp and mobile.

Oh yes, and I went ahead and bought the carseat. I wasn't going to, but it was no longer available on Babies R Us and went on sale on amazon for $135 with free shipping! I still want to get the matching stroller (Graco Urbanlite Stroller).

Graco Snugride 35 in Rittenhouse

Other than that, my cold/flu is better, but I am still congested a bit at night. The last couple days I've been dealing with horrible sciatic pain. In the past it has only lasted a day or two, then gone away...eventually to come back again. This time it's as bad as it's ever been. It's on the left side and so bad that I can barely walk to the bathroom at night. I pretty much need a cain or just hobble on one leg :( Then it's nearly impossible to get back to sleep!

Good stuff though...I feel him moving every day now and he's starting to fall into certain patterns of sleep and movement. He's quiet when I'm at work (for the most part), but wiggles a bit more after I eat something. He's a lot more active in the evenings between 7-10pm. And once the weekend hits, all bets are off. I swear he's practicing aerobics or karate in there 24/7. I've figured out that when I am talking, he's more active. He likes mommy's voice :)

Oh yes and DH finally got to feel him move. This Sunday (20w2d) morning he was moving a ton. DH was laying in the guest bed, so I ran in there to lay next to him and made him put his hand on my belly and told him to wait. About 5 minutes passed and I felt a kick. I didn't tell him, but I could tell he felt it when he turned towards me, smiled and his eyes got really wide :)

My belly is really getting out there and I'm pretty sure it's noticeable even to strangers now!
Here's my 20w2d pic:


  1. That is so awesome dh got to feel Brady's movements...it is so incredible! You are looking great and I love your bump! The dusky blue in his room is such a nice color. I love the dresser and what a steal...I am with ya on spending tons on furniture...they jack the price up so much. Hope you have a wonderful day! Xoxox

  2. Every single one of your posts make me cry. I'm a ridiculous mess right now. You'd think I was the pregnant one. I love seeing things come together. I look forward to the baby shower, his room, his arrival. I'm so happy you are feeling him everyday and understanding his schedule. He loves you more than you'll ever know although on occasional days he'll really get on your nerves (no pun intended). You'll learn and grow with one another and wonder where all the time went. It'll be amazing to see this from the sidelines. you've waited for this. It's your time, and your miracle is here. Dreams do come true.