Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I have been sick...going on day 11 now. I feel like I've finally turned a corner, but honestly still feel like crap. I missed all last week at work. Luckily Monday was a holiday (paid), so that saved me from having to use a sick day on that day. But the rest of the week I missed, with the exception of 5 hours on Thursday because I felt like I HAD to make an appearance. I ended up going home early and my boss even said that he thought I needed to go home.

It started the Friday before last (the 18th) and I honestly thought it was just a cold. It even pissed me off when my mom told me I should call my OB right away. I insisted it was just a cold and they can't do anything for a cold anyway. Saturday and Sunday were miserable. And even though my elective u/s was on Sunday, I went anyway despite feeling like crap and hacking up a lung.

Two days later, on Tuesday, I had my 16 week appt...and I was praying he'd be able to DO something about how I was feeling. By that point, I was feeling even worse and I had a feeling it was a sinus infection or the flu. I had even tried to call my OB Monday night, but he wasn't on call so I talked to some other guy. He didn't give me much insight. Just said he thought it was the flu...told me to drink fluids, use a humidifer and take some Benedryl.

My 16 week appt. was at 4pm (last appt of the day) but we didn't end up leaving until 6pm. They were VERY behind, apparently. We spent an hour in the waiting room and another hour just waiting for him to get to our room. At which point I was red in the face from coughing, and miserable as all get out. He said I sounded like shit and I told him that's exactly how I felt. He prescribed z-pak and said it might be flu, but might have also turned into a secondary infection, hence the antibiotics. He had a student/intern with him who nervously measured my belly (uterus is at my belly button already), then tried to find the heartbeat with the doppler with no luck. OB took over and found the heartbeat very quickly. 152 bpm.

We scheduled our 20-week ultrasound (I'll be just past 19 weeks when I go) for Feb 11...and next OB appt on Feb 18. Picked up the z-pak on the way home and took the first two pills when I got home. An hour later, I nearly threw them back up...but figured it was because my stomach was still kind of empty...and vowed to take them with more food the next day.

Wednesday comes and I decide to miss work again. I take my z-pak in the evening with food and milk, and an hour later, like clockwork, the nausea hits. I'm laying in bed closing my eyes praying it will go away if I hold still. Eventually I decide to get up to get more food, thinking that will help. Nope. I only made it to the bathroom, where I threw it all up. I decided to call my OB after this and tell him it's not going to work if I'm puking it up. Luckily he was on call and called me in a different antibiotic (Ceftin).

I'm on day 6 of that now and it's much nicer on my tummy. I did end up going to urgent care Sunday night because I was miserable from coughing. Doc said lungs, ears and throat looked good. Said I just needed to give antibiotics more time, or, if it was a virus/flu, I'd just have to let it run its course. He did give me some phenergan syrup with codeine so I could sleep and Flonase for my nose. Wow...that cough syrup is a life-saver. An hour after taking it, my cough stops completely and it knocks me out for the night.

I went back to work yesterday still feeling somewhat miserable, but slightly better than before. My cough is still super junky and I'm blowing my nose like crazy, but at least I'm getting the stuff out! I honestly can't remember EVER feeling this sick in my entire life! Praying this thing is about over.

One other note, last night while laying in bed, I felt a twinge an inch below and an inch to the right of my belly button. Right after putting lotion on my belly. I looked down and saw the slightest movement. It freaked me out. It happened one more time, then I tried to go tell DH to see if Brady would do it again, but of course he didn't! I can't believe I'm SEEING him move already!

Oh, and my 17 week pic!


  1. I'm pretty much sure I had the same thing. Took at least 4 weeks and a round of antibiotics to get over it. I think it was the flu even though I got a flu shot. There is some sort of plague going around. Feel better soon! You're lookin' cute lady. I like how your camera hides your face. lol

    1. Whatever it is, it's nasty stuff. A co-worker had it a couple weeks ago, so I suspect that's w here I got it.

      Hahah, yah most of the time my face looks pretty rough. All my weeks turn over on Sundays, so I'm surprised I even manage to get out of bed to take the pics :)

  2. i'm so sorry you've been so so sick, m!! i'm glad you got to the dr's and they were able to give you some meds that are easier on your stomach. i hope it all passes very soon. happy 17 weeks - so neat you're feeling brady's movement!! 17 weeks was when i felt the first kicks...it's just incredible!!
    you look adorable!! sending love and prayers for feeling better!