Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lost Ring

Ugh, I feel awful. DH bought me a gorgeous LeVian last October. A garnet and diamond ring that picked out myself and drooled over for a couple months before he finally surprised me and bought it! It was the week after my first (failed) Femara cycle and I was in a bad mood. I had really thought the first cycle would work and when it didn't, I was devastated. But when he took me into the jewelry store to look at the ring...and ended up buying it...I couldn't remember being that happy in the last year. I couldn't stop smiling. A couple weeks later, we had to send it in for sizing and I didn't want to see it go. Once we got it back, I was so happy. But only a week later, I realized a diamond was missing, so we had to send it back to be replaced. I got it back on December 21st and was glad to have it back by Christmas.

After that, I don't recall what days I wore it and what days I didn't. I just knew that I always took it off to sleep, shower, and sometimes when typing because it would spin on my finger a tiny bit. Just yesterday, I had this awful realization that I had no idea where my ring was. So at 9pm last night, I started frantically searching the house. I started with the nightstand, where I was sure it would be...but it wasn't. Then the nightstand drawer...the bathroom counter...the kitchen counter. Then I started crying! And not just a couple tears. Literally sobbing! Racing around the house looking anywhere and everywhere. I finally woke up DH and he freaked out at first, thinking something was wrong with the baby. I told him I couldn't find my ring and he looked annoyed at first since he had been sleeping. Finally when he realized I was still frantically searching and bawling my eyes out, he started to look with me. We even searched the sheets...under the bed. What felt like everywhere but where the ring was.

We gave up around 10:30pm. I literally layed in my bed, held my teddy bear and cried myself to sleep.

I know it seems silly. It's just a ring. A thing. Something that can "technically" be replaced. But it has such meaning to me. I feel like it symbolized letting go of the past and looking towards the future. We ended up conceiving the very next weekend, which was very fitting...and I felt like the ring helped me move on :) It makes me so sad to think that it's gone...and guilty for losing something so important (and expensive...we are still paying for it).

We are going to keep looking...and find out if our home-owners insurance covers loss, which I doubt it does. If it's gone, it's gone. But we most likely won't be able to buy another one. It just cost too much to pay for it again :(


  1. Oh no! I have my fingers crossed that it will turn up quickly!

  2. Oh no! Next time if you have the ring appraisal(they can give you one at the jewelry store) you can add it to your home owners/rental insurance. It's still subject to the deductible but atleast it would be something. So sorry! What a bad feeling.

  3. That is terrible! I hope the ring turns up. I hate it when that kind of thing happens.

  4. Have you found it yet? I believe it just may be another story with a happy ending but not having it now still hurts I'm sure. If it's lost, it can be found. :)