Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lots of Updates

I have been so bad about updating my blog. I think about things I want to post about but then I am too tired/sick/lazy that I just never get around too it. So, for now, this post will serve as an update over the past few weeks.

December 21st was my last day at work for the year and didn't have to go back until January 2nd. It was such a nice break...especially since it's paid...and it never feels long enough!

My dad and step-mom (well, technically his long time girlfriend of over 10 years, but she's like a mom to me) came up in the evening on the 21st. We went out to eat that night...then my brother and his fiance came up the next morning.

There's a long story about how his fiance pretty much hates DH & I even though we did nothing wrong. I will try and summarize. Fiance, who I will call C, was friends with us on Facebook. She was always posting dramatic things but they were very vague. People would ask what was going on but she wouldn't answer. So my mom found out from my brother that she had a cyst under her arm that grew from the size of a pea to a golfball in a week and the doctor thought it might be MRSA but needed to do further testing. My brother didn't go to the follow-up appt. so we have no way of really knowing what the doctor diagnosed. She told him that it wasn't MRSA, just a cyst. However, with me being newly pregnant, even the mention of MRSA made us nervous and we didn't want to be around her just in case. In the meantime, she posts this nasty post on Facebook about how people should ask her questions directly about things...which we tried to do and she wouldn't went to my brother. At this time, DH and my brother texted back and forth a bit and DH told him his honest opinion about things...nice, but firm. She somehow read these and got pissed. She removed us as friends from her Facebook, but kept my mom as her friend. Shortly after she removed us, she posted something on facebook basically slamming us and it was pretty obvious she had talked shit about us to her parents as they were commenting as well. A few days later, she calls my DH. We're thinking she's going to apologize, but no...she calls to tell DH her stance on things; and then also admits that when she found out I was pregnant that she was upset because it meant I wasn't going to be able to be in the wedding. Even though I told her back in August, when she asked me to be a bridesmaid that we weren't going to stop trying and there was a good chance that by starting fertility meds that I might be pregnant around that time.

Anyway, that wasn't much of a summary. Sorry. But I feel that she is all wrong on all of this and it makes me upset. The worst part is that she actually said "my health is my business" but yet she posts it all over Facebook. And if she did/does have MRSA, it should be OK for us to know. I've known two people, one young and one much older, both that have had it and it nearly killed both of them. So...moving on.

Christmas on Saturday, Dec. 22nd with Dad, step-mom, bro and C went as well as can be expected. We went out shopping for a bit...played some cards...had a homemade dinner (ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole and rolls). And opened presents. I got some awesome stuff...blu-ray player, universal remote (Logitech Harmony favorite and my second one!), Vera Bradley bag and keychain, Otterbox case for my iphone, a couple other things I can't recall right now and some cash! Everyone left fairly early Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon we met up with DH's dad and went to visit his uncle at his house for a while. He recently had surgery and is doing well...but is going to have to have another couple surgeries over the next couple months.

Monday (Christmas Eve), we really didn't do a lot that I can recall. Sciatica started Sunday evening and continued into Monday, so I spent much of the day in bed. The evening was spent in bed with DH and the dogs watching Mickey's Christmas Carol, The Grinch, and A Christmas Story.

Christmas morning, I woke up with DH surprising me with one last small gift. A July birthstone bead for my Chamilia bracelet since Barnacle is due in July :)

DH's dad arrived a couple hours later and we began opening presents. Sam (our blond cocker spaniel) began opening HIS presents before we did. He somehow knew which ones were his and he didn't want to wait (the disadvantage to teaching him the "rip and tear" method on Christmas morning). We had to go to the garage to give my FIL his present (a charcoal/gas grill combo) and while we were out there, Sam was in the living room opening his presents!! Smart dog! :) I got a lot of awesome gifts...remote start for my car (yay!), new bedding set, Fiestaware utensils, a couple movies (Titanic, Jack Frost), Mickey Mouse salt and pepper shaker, and chip/dip bowl, and a couple other things I can't recall. Yep...we are spoiled! FIL also said next year we'd get mostly baby stuff :)

Later in the afternoon, we stopped by DH's mom's house to get gifts and eat (well, I ate). I got a Nikon Coolpix digital camera and DH got a Kindle Fire HD. I ate a couple platefuls, then we went back to FIL's for dinner. And yes, I ate again. Yum!

12-week appointment was Dec. 26th at 10am. DH went with me. As soon as I went back, the nurse asked me to pee in a cup. I went into the bathroom, sat down, peed, and realized when I only had a couple drops left that I forgot to pee in a cup. Oops! I was so embarrassed, but she said it happens a lot so I felt better. OB came in and went right to the doppler. He found the baby for a couple seconds but then lost it, so he said "I know there's a baby alive in there, I heard it." A couple seconds later, he found it again. Loud and clear and 161 bpm! What a beautiful sound. He measured my belly and said to make my next appt. for 4 wks. later. I asked about getting an u/s because last time he said I could get one, but the tech was in that day and the room was full :( He promised next time!

That evening, DH and I had to go to the funeral showing. But it started snowing very heavily that afternoon, so by the time we left at 6:40pm, the roads were fully covered...even the interstates. It took us an hour to go what would normally take us 20-25 minutes. We started on the interstate, but I made DH exit when trucks were flying by us (we were going 25-30 and they were going 55+). Still took forever, but we made it. Very sad as the death was somewhat unexpected (FIL's cousin).

Thursday, I spent the day at home, napping, while DH went to work. Friday, DH went to work again, so mom and I went out maternity clothes shopping and I got some things from Motherhood Maternity (jeans and sweaters). Saturday-Tuesday was pretty uneventful. Most of it was spent hanging out at home and getting in afternoon naps. My sciatica came back Sat and the point where it was difficult to walk :( New Year's was uneventful and we were both asleep well before midnight.

One other thing...I found a place that does elective gender ultrasounds. I talked DH into letting me do it.

It's at a place called Baby Envision and we got the 2 visit Early Gender:

15 weeks to 20 weeks  
FIRST VISIT:  As Early as 15 Weeks
7-10 minutes of 2D 
"Gender Sneak Peek" 
Confirmation of Gender given at 2nd Visit
Heartbeat on Request

SECOND VISIT: 16-20 Weeks
 " GENDER 4D" Package
15-20 minutes of 2D w/ 3D 4D intro
1  - 4x6 Color Print
6 - Black & White Prints
 CD w/ 10+ images  
DVD of Recorded Session for $10  
Gender Confirmation

My first appointment I will be 16 weeks on January 20th. Second one I'm hoping to do about 3 weeks later. They also have room in the ultrasound room for up to 10 my mom, FIL and MIL will all be going! :) It was $139 including both visits and the photos.

With that, I'll leave you with my latest photo:


  1. Happy New Year and HAPPY second trimester!! Your bump is so cute! I'm so glad things are going so well and that you got to enjoy the holidays with your family, DH and pups (and lots of good food)! Sorry to hear about your brother's fiance. I'm glad you were able to take it easy!! The charm is perfect and sweet!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, mama!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Fiance C sounds like a real piece of work, too bad she is going to be family soon :-( That sounds like a steal for your elective ultrasounds! Have fun!