Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Registry Thoughts

This may be a bit too early, but I've begun to start researching things we will want to put on our registry. We won't do the registry until later (24 weeks?), but I wanted to plan ahead of time what to put on it so I don't spend  hours at the store guessing what I'm going to want. So, with that...some thoughts, questions and opinions needed!

Nursery Furniture/Bedding
I feel fortunate that my step-mom took dibs on buying the crib...and my dad offered to buy the matching dresser. I'd like the matching nightstand, but for $299, do we really need it? My thought is we need a place to put a lamp because baby's room doesn't have an overhead light (dumb, I know)...but maybe it's cheaper to put in an overhead light?! :) My mom has offered to buy the mattress and the crib bedding (and matching paraphernalia...valances, sheets, mobile, lamp). My step-mom is also giving me the rocking chair that was my grandfather's while he was in an Alzheimer's home. So we're pretty much set on furniture and bedding except the nightstand...

I've decided on the Graco Snugride 35 Infant Car Seat in Rittenhouse for a boy or Sable for a girl.

And the Graco Urban Lite Stroller (which will function with or without the Snugride car seat).

I originally thought I wanted a convertible car seat since it would last longer, but I've most of them are pretty heavy and a lot larger...and I know we'd probably be carrying the carseat and in and out a lot. So, I decided on the Snugride...unless someone knows of a smaller, lighter-weight convertible that would work.

I'm also still sort of debating the need for a stroller that works without the I need it or will a stroller frame work?

Portable Crib/Pack 'N' Play
I thought about the Graco Travel Lite Crib for when baby is first born...and I'd prefer to have him/her sleep in the bedroom with me. But it's almost $100. And for something that won't last long.

So then I thought about the Fisher-Price Rock & Play Sleeper for half the price. Would it be able to function as a portable crib and perhaps last a bit longer? Also, it looks easier to move around. Thoughts?

I *think* I've decided against a Pack 'N' Play. It's expensive and takes up a lot of room. And I'm not sure how much use we'll get out of addition to say a rock & play sleeper or bouncer or swing. 

I originally wanted both, but they really serve the same sort of purpose, right? Do babies  have preference as to one or another? Really sort of lost on this one.

Baby Carrier
Do I need one? How useful is it? Also, I hate the way the Moby Wrap looks.

We bought one super cheap at a yard sale a couple summers ago and have kept it. But it's large and likely too large for a newborn. I'm thinking of getting the Puj Tub...which can store flat, but is flexible to put into the sink. Seems a bit expensive at $45, but thinking it might save my back from bending over and be worth it. Thoughts?

Changing Pad
Definitely getting one. No changing table, just using the top of the dresser.

Don't plan on registering for any. May pick up a couple small things once we find out if it's a boy or girl...but mostly will wait and see what others buy first. I've read not much newborn or 0-3 months as they will outgrow it fast. Any certain pieces that are absolutely must-haves?

Such as gates and outlet covers. Should I register for this stuff or get it later?
Baby monitor? Do I need one? Our house is one story and only 1200sq. ft. with all the bedrooms close together. Necessary?

I'm going to try BFing at first but will see how it goes. I suspect I'm going to go all bottle-fed once I got back to work. I'm also not buying a pump right away...I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars if I'm not going to BF for that long...but who knows...maybe I will change my mind. Will likely need bottles and formula on hand just in case. But what about stuff like bottle warmers? Anyone use those? Useless?

Diapers & Wipes
Pretty sure we'll get lots of those at the shower, right?

Diaper Bag
Thinking of a Vera Bradley one :)

Obviously there are lots of other smaller things I'm not mentioning, but these are the big ones on my list that I need opinions or thoughts on. Anything else I'm forgotten that is totally necessary?


  1. * Good choice on the car seat... do not get a convertible.
    * No, you don't NEED a carrier, but if you do get one try the Ergo. Baby Steals has them often.. You can also check the Baby Steals Archives (google it). Love the Ergo! You'll need an infant insert if you use it right away though.
    * I did not use my Pack n Play that much past like 7 months (?) I used it as a bassinet for the first two weeks then as a changing station downstairs. We never traveled with it though. Too much to lug around. I want the Rock N Play this time!
    * It's good you're not putting too much pressure on yourself about BFing but try not to give up before you start. Yes, it will be difficult, but it sounds like you're already ok with formula, which is ok, but trust me BFing is not something to go in half heartedly. You have to be 100% dedicated or you WILL give up. You also need lots of support. As for the pump, check with your insurance bec. I'm hearing now they are COVERED 100%. You may be able to get one for free. You can always rent a hospital pump (recommended) for a while if you don't want to get a pump right away.
    * I did not get any diapers or wipes at my shower, but I did cloth and did not register for paper diapers. Some people do diaper cakes??? You'll get a lot from the hospital too.
    * I recommend a good swaddle blanket (or two or three). There is the miracle blanket type thing with velcro. Liked that... or a BIG stretchy blanket comes in handy for swaddling.
    * I don't think a baby monitor is necessary. We have a 2 story. That's why we got ours... but if you can splurge go with a video monitor.
    * My girl hated the bouncer AND swing. Not sure if it was the brand/type we got or what, but those kind of things you never know until you try so go ahead and register for them. Hopefully you'll get one or the other.

    Ok, I'll stop my novel now!!!! GL Looks like you've thought it out a lot. Great job!

  2. We are using the Fisher Price Rock n' Play for baby's first months when she's in our rm with us. My friends swear by it and say it's amazing and the babes love it. She is giving us hers. I've given so many as gifts. I got a baby carrier at a consignment sale really cheap and I know you can find them online for decent prices. Love your furniture choices!! So exciting!! :)
    Hope you're feeling well!

  3. Glad I am not the only one who is overwhelmed by the amount of baby gadgets and choices. I registered at around 22 weeks with a friend who has a 7 month old and a 2 year old. She was so incredibly helpful to me and gave me on the spot product reviews. We were in and out of Babies R Us in 2 hours! Sounds like you have done good research.

    Something I might recommend that has helped me a little is this:

    It has great product comparisons and detailed reviews. It was a good back-up to my friend! Good luck!

  4. When I was a nanny the ergo baby was a life saver. Better than any other brand by far! Worth the extra money. Holds & calms a cranky baby while you still do what you need to.