Monday, May 13, 2013

No Answers

Labs came back normal. Baby is doing great - heartrate is perfect and he kept kicking the monitors.
I was given fluids but that didn't seem to make a difference.

Pretty frustrating for them to say "everything is normal, you can go home" when you still feel so horrible. I keep thinking maybe this is how the third tri is supposed to feel and I just need to suck it up...but the waves of muscle fatigue and weakness just seem weird to me.

I keep thinking it has to do with blood pressure. They took it and it was pretty normal but I wasn't feeling bad then, so I'm wondering if it can dip down and go back up.

An RN came to unhook me from the IV and discharge me. She came in the room and said "they are sending you home." I must've had a frustrated look on my face and she asked what was wrong. So I said, well they said everything is fine but I still don't feel good and I'm leaving with no answers. She then went on to try and diagnose me herself saying it was the Procardia I take very rarely for contractions...I told her no, I haven't taken it in 5's not from that. Then she says it's from the Benadryl I take even though I've been taking that for months and I only take 1.5 pills in a 24 hour period. Then she says "it's pregnancy." Gee, thanks lady, but that's not enough of an answer for me. I start crying and mom tries to advocate for me but the lady really isn't being helpful, just getting me more upset. Finally she asks if I want to talk to my doctor who happens to be in the hospital on Mondays for surgery. She goes to talk to him (supposedly) and comes back to say he just started a hysterectomy and won't be done for 5 hours and I can wait if I want. WTH? Um, no. I'll just go home.

She has me sign my discharge paperwork, then neglects to give it to me and gives me one with someone else's name and info on it (along with the privacy paperwork, ha!). We give it back to her and she cuts the top portion with the name off and gives it to me. OK, whatever. I just wanted to go now.

They had taken my wheelchair away that I used to get into L&D triage, so mom offers to go get it back since walking usually causes contractions for me and I was still feeling quite weak and faint. But the RN actually says "you don't need that. you can walk!" and goes on to tell me how if I don't walk I'll get blood clots in my legs. I got annoyed that she was denying me a wheelchair and when she turned to leave the room, I shooed at her with my hands. I just wanted to her out. I started crying again and I ended up walking out because I just wanted to get away from her.

I need to call my OB in the morning and see if I can get in Tuesday instead of at my appt. time on Wednesday.


  1. Let me know what you find out. I'm impatiently waiting. Hugs.

    1. A friend of mine on FB suggested even more frequent, small meals. I've been eating like 6 small meals a day, but perhaps it needs to be more often. I'll experiment and see if it helps!

  2. m, i'm so sorry for all you've had to endure. i hope you got some much deserved answers. you're always in my prayers and will continue to be. will be thinking about you and hoping that everything calms down for you. huge hugs. <3<3<3