Monday, May 6, 2013

Baby Shower

Baby shower was yesterday...what a great turnout. I'd say 40-50 people! Food was awesome, sooo many gifts. Feeling very blessed!



DH's mom and I

Mom & I

DH's grandma and I

Old friend from high school, Kristen & I

Heather & I

Rock N Play Sleeper!!

Baseball gear :)

Adorable owl night light

Baseball shirt...came with shorts too!

The most adorable socks ever!

Auntie's little man...onesies...and pants with bear on the butt :)

DH holding up one of the onesies our dogs supposedly bought their little brother :)

"Lock up your daughters" onesie! hahaha

The cutest newborn onesie with alligators on it :)

From aunt and uncle in TN!

Chicco high chair!

Dr. Brown's bottles...I look so amused lol

Adorable giraffe diaper bag :)

Yay!! The swing I wanted :)

Stuff mom and I bought when I was 6 wks pregnant!

I LOVE this one..."Daddy and I agree...Mommy is the boss!"

Rub with robe, slippers and lots of bath goodies!

Lamp that matches the crib bedding...from an awesome co-worker


More can see me in the background...I found a spot on the comfy couch :)

This was filled with so many wonderful goodies...and everytime I see the box, I sing the Brady Bunch song in my head :)

Super soft stroller blanket!

Kristen and I...waiting to eat. We were starving!
The adorable cake made my DH's aunt!

DH & his grandma

All the gifts...condensed!

High chair!

Bath towels and wash cloths

Surprisingly, the only diapers we pack newborns and three packs of 1's

The bath goodies

A few of the clothes...mostly 0-3 months


Sheets and receiving blankets

Feeding, health and grooming stuff

Mickey plush and diaper bag

Cool shades for little man :)

Matching lamp

Baby monitor, nightlight and socks

The swing! DH gets to put it together.

Rock N Play Sleeper!!

Bibs galore. The owl ones are pink but they are plastic and so cute :)

Teethers...some from the shower...some from ebay!

Hats and booties 
Stroller from DH's dad...all folded up

I LOVE this stroller...wish I could fit in it :)

Safety stuff, ointment, stroller binkie, wipes and books

Newborn stuff


I'm in love with the camo pants

And a few of my favorite clothing pieces :)

He is so loved and I feel so blessed that people are so giving, and as excited for him to come as we are!


  1. You look great! So happy! Love all the loot you got! I can't believe you're so close to your due date!!

  2. I am so happy for you and DH. I love miracles! : ) Believe.

  3. sweet. sweet. sweet! what a beautiful day! you look amazing and i LOVE your top! so pretty! i'm so glad you had fun! and woahhh, brady is hooked up! :)
    happy mother's day to you! xoxox