Friday, May 3, 2013

31 Weeks!

You'd think I'd have all the time in the world to blog...and I do. But I just don't seem to do it.

Things are going well. I'm 31 weeks today and I still can't believe it sometimes. Only 9 more weeks!

My shower is this Sunday and I can't wait. I've already peeked at my registry and several large items have been purchased, most of which I already know who bought them - either because they've told me or I just have an inkling. So far he has a swing, rock n play sleeper, baby monitor, high chair...and several bibs and receiving blankets! Crap...I just looked again and baby has a bathtub! :) Hahah, no idea who bought that one. I better stop looking!

DH's dad bought the stroller last weekend...the City Mini! I was so excited! I had picked it out thinking no way anyone would drop the dough for it...and had planned on purchasing a cheaper one had no one bought it. But FIL new how much I wanted it...and bought it...along with a cute Detroit Tigers tee and hat :)

Ouch and while I type this, I think baby boy just kicked my ribs for the first least I know he's growing.

Last appt at 30 wks went great. I was up 19 lbs. Measuring right at 30 weeks. Heartbeat was 156. I presented my OB with my latest blood sugar numbers and he said my numbers were "awesome" and I really know how to eat. Haha! If only he knew. But seriously, no gestational diabetes, he just said I happen to be one of those people that spill sugar in my urine for some reason. No more pricking my finger 4 times a day...yay!

Next appt is at 33 wks, then strep b swab at 35 wk appt...then appts every week after that. EEEEH! Getting so excited!!

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  1. Happy happy 31 weeks! You look awesome!! Ahhh, you're in the home stretch! So exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time at your shower tomorrow. I know you will! Soak it all up and enjoy every second! Such a beautiful day it will be! Xoxox