Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Taper Week

So in case anyone still reads this, I did my 4th half marathon back in August. Lululemon's half in Vancouver called Seawheeze. I spent most of last year losing weight (down 33 lbs now) and Seawheeze was my inspiration to lose it and get back into running again. I got injured a couple months beforehand but was still able to do the race in 3:12:00.

Now it's taper week again as I prepare for my 5th half in Detroit this Sunday!

I've set 3 goals:
Easy goal: Under 3 hours
Moderate goal: Under 2:45:00
Challenging goal: Under 2:30:00

Working on eating well this week, getting lots of rest with only a couple easy 2-3 milers, and hydrating.

After that, I have a backroads trail race (10K) on Nov 8, and would like to sign up for a couple winter 5Ks. Next spring I have my 6th half marathon in Indianapolis in May and my 7th will be in Chicago in July. Goal is my first FULL marathon next fall (hoping for Chicago)!

Oh yes, and DH did a 5K over the weekend just for fun...the Super Run! So everyone dressed as super heros. So much fun even though the course was short at 2.87 and not officially timed.

DH & I before the race. It was only 40 degrees. Not sure how he wore shorts!

I was the only Spider-man (out of 50 people)

DH finishing!

Good time for me considering last year at this time that would've taken me an hour. Also had my fastest mile since I've had this watch...9:58!

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