Monday, March 31, 2014

Trip to Tennessee

Been so busy lately. I know...what's new?!

Went to visit my dad a few weeks ago. He was in the hospital with extremely low calcium and vitamin D levels. Thank goodness they got it figured out and he's much better now. I was so worried about him, that I decided to go visit after he got out. He had just moved to his new house in Tennessee, so it was a fun mini vacation with my mom and Brady!

Here is a pic of my dad, step-mom and Brady. This was taken on their's so beautiful down there!

Mom and Brady and I went to the Knoxville Zoo one day and had a blast!


Chewing on his Mickey :)

Hanging out in Grandpa's living room:

Dad found this old picture of his sister, brother...and him as a baby. We think Brady looks exactly like him as a baby!

One day we drove to Pigeon Forge...the mountains were beautiful!

We ate at a place called Applewood that had amazing apple fritters. Brady got everyone's attention in the restaurant by clearing his throat continually. He's such a flirt!

We drove back halfway and stayed overnight in Dayton. This was at Panera Bread that night:

The next morning we stopped at Waffle House before driving the rest of the way home.

This was taken just a few days ago...eating some yogurt, but most of it's on his face.

And a sneak peek into Brady's first birthday party theme...Mickey Mouse!

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