Monday, April 16, 2012


Lately, I've been really bad about making time to blog. With the car accident...and work being insanely busy, I just haven't managed to get to blogger.

Work is still crazy...but I'm finally starting to feel back to normal from the accident. I'm not taking the pain meds near as often...and although I've been sleeping a bit more, my body isn't quite as sore as it was last week.

In addition to not blogging, I haven't gotten back to running yet either...and I really miss both.

As of last week, my body wasn't prepared to walk, much less run. But with the half marathon in Ann Arbor looming (well...8 weeks away)...I am really feeling the push to get back to training. I may try a short 1-2 mile jog/walk sometime this week just to see how it feels.

The car accident has been in the back of my mind all week. Especially when I am driving on the interstate. I get completely paranoid driving in the fast lane next to cement barriers or guardrails...I keep picturing a deer leaping over right in front of me...and keep playing over the accident in my head. And the sound of my screaming. It's still horrifying to me.

But in the end, I am grateful to be alive. To have walked away with just some bumps and bruises...and whiplash. I feel so blessed to have an amazing husband and family...and a great job.

I have been clinging to hubby quite a lot this week...I just want to be next to him. To savor every moment we have together. I seriously love him more than anything in this world!


On another note, I'm on CD16 today and no O in sight. I'm thinking the accident may push back my O date, which I'm ok with. I've spent the last week focusing on getting better...and will worry about TTC when we are healed.

Anyway, I promise to make an extra effort to update here more often. PROMISE!


  1. i'm glad to hear you're feeling better each day. i can imagine how traumatizing it has to be to drive back on the interstate. i hope that you continue to feel better as the week continues.
    i'm wishing you lots of luck with running and ovulation. i feel like my o time always gets wonky when something crazy happens.
    thinking of you.
    praying for you.
    and sending tons of love <3

  2. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog from a comment you left on someone else's. I'm sorry for your losses (I had 3 myself, then adopted) and sorry for your car accident - scary! Good luck TTC.