Sunday, April 1, 2012

Epiphanie Ginger - Camera Bag

My "Ginger" bag from Epiphanie arrived Friday...and she is pretty, but I'm not sure she's exactly what I had in mind. She's maybe even (dare I say) a bit too roomy for my needs. I also have a pretty small frame, so I feel like I'm carrying a small duffel bag. Which would be great for travel...but as far as carrying it around as a purse, it just doesn't work me. I'm considering exchanging it for the "Lyric" which is a little larger width and height-wise, but only 4" in depth as opposed to the 8" in depth that the Ginger provides.

My only other complaint with the Ginger is that the zippered opening doesn't really open up that far. You sort of have to force it further apart in order to get things in and out of the bag. Which is fine if you aren't in a hurry. But if you need to have quick access to your might miss a photo op.

But...despite those cons, the bag is beautiful. The fake leather is REALLY nice...I would probably never guess it wasn't really leather if I didn't know otherwise.

There are A LOT of zippered pockets -- so tons of storage room. There are also several dividers inside with velcro on the you can them out and re-arrange as necessary.

Overall it's an awesome bag...I love the details...the material...even the color is quite nice...I think I just need a different style for my needs.

For anyone interested in buying, their website is

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  1. ohhh, i LOVE it! the color is so pretty and versatile. it is so nice. i'm loving all your new pictures! everything is so crisp and pretty!
    i hope you're doing well <3
    wishing you a great start to your week!